How to config. OEM for remote access by using ias - Enterprise Manager (Archived)

I got the oem on Win 2000 server and 9ias on Solaris,
i would like to know, how do i configure the OEM,
i can able to access through the browse.


how to use ifs manager from windows 95 ?

I have 9iIFS installed on an NT server, with OEM installed and
In my client (administration) PC (windows 95) I've installed 9i
OEM and everythings seems to work fine, except that the ifs
Manager does not appear on OEM.
I've read a forum "Ifs manager on client" that says "install
(8.1.7) Client software, with Administrator option. Then you can
install and configure the IFS software.". I know it's not the
same version, but how can I install & configure IFS software on
Thanks in advance,
iFS Manager is installed with Oracle 9iFS.
You can start iFS Manager from OEM by right-clicking on the
domain and selecting Related Tools. Or, you can start it by
running the ifsmgr.bat file in the 9iFS/bin directory.

How to get started with 9i

Hi I have just installed Oracle 9i AS to run with Oracle 8i Database server. I cant seem to bring up the console for the application server. Does anyone know how to do this? Also, is there a good guide to setting up the AS to run EJB's?
If you have installed on Windows machine, try
starting HTTP service from Windows services
and access http://<machine>/. If its unix
run apchectl start -- which is in <ORACLE_HOME>/Apache/Apache/bin directory and
access http://<machine>:7777/

server OMS

please, how can I configure Oracle Management Server on WIN NT4.
My database is located on unix solaris server and I want to use OMS with Oracle DBA Studio on WIN NT.
80% of installation is done on the database server which you plan to have the REPOSITORY installed. 20% is on the console installation in your NT machine.
1. You need to install the Management Server in your solaris db.
2. Create the repository in the database.
3. Start the OMS service by using OEMCTRL.
4. Install the console and utilities in NT.
5. Start the console and fill the machine name of your dbserver. It will detect the database for you.
If you just need to have DBAStudio, just install the studio in your NT and use it in standalone mode.

Oracle 9i in UNIX (AIX)

I am new to the UNIX environment. We are installing a 9i suite in a UNIX (AIX) box.
Is there anyway I can use the Enterprise Manager console in this machine? or do I have to use x-windows?
How can I access the database remotely from my windows xp machine?
Thanks a lot,
 I have to use x-windows?
r.- Yes you have to have a x-Windows session because all front-end of OEM is created in Java.
How can I access the database remotely from my windows xp machine?
r.- You have access remotely from XP. If you want to have OEM in your PC you have to have a passwordfile in the instance located in the Oracle Server and to have the parameter ( remote_login_passwordfile ) set in EXCLUSIVE.
Joel P�rez 
Depends on what type of access you are looking for...
You can install Client in Win XP and run SQL*Plus (typing sql commands) or Enterprise Manager Console against the db instance. You could also access a local X desktop session via VNC server for AIX and VNC viewer for Windows (for AIX you'll need the binary packages vnc and zlib). Remember if useing vnc, that you should run the vncserver as the oracle user (for xauth) and not use xhost + like Oracle tends to suggest! 
We also have oracle 9i on Aix Machine and we are using
all type client (Windows 2000,XP).
If you have any query you can email me at
Najam Abdali 
there is another way also, when you install OEM and start Oracle Management server (OMS) on the AIX box. also start the oracle http server.
you can access from any machine OEM console using the
the port no should be 3339 for OEM
http://AIX_HOST:3339 this should bring the OEM web page from where you can launch the Management console.
you might be asked to do download jinitiator for the first time you access OEM web page from any windows client.

can not create OracleManagementServer service

Hello,I have installed Oracle8.1.7 in a machine with Windows 2000 Professional. This machiine is a client in a Win2000 network. I installed the Oracle without any problem. I created a repository without any error messages. However, the service OracleManagementServer doesn't appear as a
service under Win2000 services.
I did the same thing to a Win2000 server. Every thing seems OK.
What could be the problem? Any suggestion? Thanks.
Did you install the management server? It is a separate installation. 
I believe the management server is installed with the "typical" installation. I checked the installation log and confirmed it is installed. However, as you said I need seperate installation, I will try to install the management server again. Thanks.