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I don't generation web page


downloading application server soa suite

I downloaded Oracle application server soa suite. Is this what I need to create web pages using the database access discriptor. If so is there a tutorial for this to create a simple web page. If this is not what I needed to downlaod to make web pages via the DAD what should I download.

MAF Configuration Service - How To?

Hi, I have developed an application using SOAP Web Services. The web services are based on PL/SQL Packages developed in Oracle Ebusiness(Rel 12.2.3) Database. The services have been deployed  both in Release 12.2.3 weblogic server and a stand alone Fusion Middleware server just. My MAF application has Login Server connection which uses out-of-the box authentication service provided by EBusiness and the features are devloped consuming web services deployed in Ebusiness and FMW server. The application is working perfectly. If I see my connections.xml file I could see one entry with <XmlRefAddr addrType="adfmfLogin"> and few others are of type <XmlRefAddr addrType="WebServiceConnection">. Now I want use MAF Configuration Service to get the connections.xml file from the server.As documented in Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps Administrator's Guide for Release 12.1 and Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1642431.1) I have registered my mobile applications and generated my connections.xml file in the server. If I type http(s)://<hostname>:<port>/OA_HTML/config/<Application Bundle ID>/connections.xml I could see the xml file.Now I also checked the MAF ConfigServiceDemo application and created the UI and Java class file as per the demo application. But I am confused what to put in the MAF inbuilt connections.xml file. Please note that my features are secured against a Login Server.Could you please help me in creating the connections.xml file under ADF META-INF inside application resources->Descriptors.I know I am asking too many questions. But I believe this is the best place to learn.Please help.Thanks,Mehabub
Hi, I did further analysis and I am able to get the connections.xml file from the server using Configuration Service. The Config Service has been implemented as a separate Feature in my application. The feature is a task-flow and it has a single AMX page. The page is having input field which captures the Config Server URI. Also this feature is enabled for security against the application login connection. As of now whenever I access my application it is asking for user id and password which is used for my Login Server. I want make this login server also dynamic. Any help please? Thanks,Mehabub

Web application Management

If my web application is developed by oracle portal, is that means that Oracle portal is the only way to connect and control the whole web application?

How to expose files in Oracle AutoVue with APEX?

Dear, I have created an application with oracle Apex and this application upload files with several extension and save in blob table, now I want to load file and expose in Autovue.How can I do that? Features:Oracle Apex 4.2.6WebLogic server 11gOracle AutoVue 20.2.2 Best regards,Saeed.
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user12001093 wrote:
I have created an application with oracle Apex and this application upload files with several extension and save in blob table, now I want to load file and expose in Autovue.
How can I do that?
Oracle Apex 4.2.6
WebLogic server 11g
Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2
Best regards,
     I think you should seek help on the following forums:AutoVue Enterprise VisualizationAutoVue Integrations (more probably here)      Since you have asked how to do it from Oracle APEX side, I searched the web and came to following conclusion:Oracle AutoVue deploys the visualizations within a java servlet called VueServlet.You can embed a java servlet/applet in an region in Oracle APEX:     Refer : APEX Integration with J2ee Web APP and How do I include an java applet in page region?If the option to call is VueServlet is through URL, you could use iframe in a modal popup to render the servlet.Oracle AutoVue also support Web Services which is best possible way to integrate it with Oracle APEX. So, go through the Integration Guide in Oracle AutoVue documentation link given below.As you mentioned you are using Oracle Weblogic Server 11g, so does Oracle AutoVue support Oracle Weblogic 9.x + as application server.But to deliver your content properly, the clients using your application should have the browsers that support java and should have JVM specified in the sofware requirements for Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2.     Refer : Go through the Installation and Configuration Guide (for software/hardware requirements for both client and server), Integration Guide (for how to go with integration with Oracle APEX) and API Developer's Guide (for how to control visualization options) under the Client/Server Deployment section in the Oracle AutoVue 20.2.2 Documentation.      On a second thought, you should upgrade to Oracle AutoVue 20.2.3 as it has more support for Web Services which is a best way to integrate a web application with another. Refer: Web Services section in Oracle AutoVue 20.2.3 Documentation.      Hope this helps! Regards,Kiran

Web Service Portlet Wizard -- check it out!

The Web Service Portlet Wizard has been posted on the BEA Developer
Center. Here's a summary of what it does:
The Web Service Portlet Wizard speeds the creation of Web service
portlets or URL portlets. In the tool, you simply select or identify the
Web service or URL that you want, and then click a button to have the
JSP file created for the portlet. For example, you could generate a
portlet that uses a Stock Quote Web service, or generate a portlet that
includes Web search functionality from a search vendor. The Wizard works
with BEA WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework 3.5. The
Wizard integrates with the E-Business Control Center graphical tool, or
with Netbeans 3.2 or higher.
Download it today from the WebLogic Commerce Server section of Code,
Components, Tips,
or by following this link: http://developer.bea.com/code/wlcs.jsp
Best regards,
Dmitry Dimov
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