ISQL - Downloads Issues

Will any one please tell me from where I can download ISQL.
Thnaks in Advance

I download it (but I don't recall where??) if you want, i can send zip file...
unzipp oracle directory and you have to set up your "Oracle HTTP SERVER". BE SURE IT'S WORKING...
But it's usefull than sql+ , if you initialize , please inform me???


where to find cartridge_management_tools.jar file ?

Can anyone please help me locate the mentioned jar file ?
Thanks in advance. 
gotchaa !!! cartridge_managempent_tools doesnt come with OSM installation. They are available with the new studio plugin dat Oracle has provided and need to be installed separately. :)

Where to find EM Standalone Java Console

Can anybody tell me, where can i find the "Enterprise Manager Standalone Java Console" for 10g? (NOT OEM web browser one)
I read that, it will be in the Oracle`s CD, but i dont find that one. I too check the ORACLE site, but dont get it.
Can somebody send me the direct link to downlaod it, or any other way to do that?
Kind Regards,
Gurpreet S. Gill 
This software is part of 10g CLIENT.

searching for Loopback Adapter ????

hello brothers and sisters
i find a problem with sql developer it was runing correcty but when i connect to the net he does'nt work from that moment ..... i read this in the net that i have to install this software "Loopback Adapter" plz can same one give me the link to downlaod it ...i can't find the most of links but it's doesn't work plz can i get same correct links
thnks advance for the help 
i read this in the net
You read 'what' in the net? 
i just get an idee mybe is not a softwar that can istalled .exe how can i installed from windows 7 
This is the SQL Developer forum. Whenever you post you need to provide the full version that you are using.
And if you want help with SQL Developer you have to explain the problem you are having, what you have tried and what the result was. 
untile now i didn't undertatd what i read in the net ....i was searching for it .exe now i have win7 as OS i don't now how to instaled brother ?? 
And if you want help with SQL Developer you have to explain the problem you are having, what you have tried and what the result was.

Missing a file - in Jinitiator

I am running oracle apps(11i) on sparc 32bit
one file missed orazipsfx is missing with me
it is supposed to be in $COMMON_TOP/util/jinitiator.
I will be very thankful if someone can mail that file to me
I have one more email which I check regularly and that is
Hi Deepak,
I think you did not repackage the jinitiator using
run with proper arguments and you will get the above mentioned file in your directory.
in case you need steps for repackaging or this file will not created after runing, do let me know.i shall send you the file.
Hi Yogi
Thanks for yr reply.
After installing apps11i, I ran, at that time it was fine.I loaded
But now I wanted to upgrade the same to and then I first did adjkey - iitialize - was ok
After that during ----------> i got the error that orazipfx is missing.
So somehow that file is not in there. I very strongly think that I just needed that file.
My solaris is 5.8 and oracle is 11i(11.5.3)---------> since this file is basically an unzip file, the version
should not create any problem as such
I sent the file at your hotmail account. hope this will work with you. But i still think you did not follow the exact steps to repackage jinitiatior or you did not delete the existing version. neway in case of any other help do let me know.

Where can i download "patchdiag.xref" ??

Hi All,
I am trying to install patchdiag tool in solaris 8 box.
But to install this tool we need patchdiag.xref, can somone let me know where can I download this file or is it a licensed one??
Thanks in advance 
Thanks for your quick response,
another question,
Do I need to copy the description alone and "touch" the file as "patchdiag.xref"
Also where can this updated file, the same link or is there any other place where I can get this file when it is updated.
Thanks in advance