Where is 9ias ? URGENT - Downloads Issues

I need 9ias for Linux, and I didn't find the installers on Downloads/9ias. In the older releases section, there is only release
Where can I find 9ias for Linux Intel?


LINUX PORTAL 3.0.8 ???

Apparently, 9iAS version is required to run Portal version 3.0.8.
I've seen a few posts ignored requesting ETA for aforementioned 9iAS version availability on linux platform, yet NT v1.0.2.2 has now released.
Is linux 9iAS v1.0.2.1 going to be released? Apache is sooooo stable on linux... Upgrade for Linux - When

How do I upgrade my Linux 9ias from to ?
Can I use the Solaris upgrade? If so, anything to beware? do different?

Oracle9iAS Wireless Ed

Can anyone pls. tell if the Oracle9iAs Version Installation requires ver
I have a trial version of 9iAS, is that selfsufficient, or requires previous version.

Why isn't Linux available

Why isn't Linux available in the Technet any longer than Downloadplattform for the IAS??? 
9iAS for Linux is now available. This is the latest 9iAS version

Upgrade 9iAS from to on Linux

After upgrading 9iAS from to
Portal Version is still
(I expected it to be
I found scripts to upgrade Portal 3.0.6 to 3.0.8
but only for 2000/NT and Solaris
Not available for Linux?
I plan to upgrade 9iAS to now, but what about Portal -
will it still be version