need 9ias on Linux Intel   urgent!! - Downloads Issues

I need 9ias for Linux, and I didn't find the installers on Downloads/9ias. In the older releases section, there is only release
Where can I find 9ias for Linux Intel.?? This is very urgent.
May Oracle Support provide us the CD's ? (We have a support contract with them)


Is 9iAS Release 2 available

Can anybody tell me if 9iAS relase 2.0 is available now for SUN
SPARC Solaris OS?. If not when it is scheduled?.
we are in the final stage of 9iAS release 2.0 (9iAS 9.0.2)
Solaris, will be out soon, stay tune to

9iAS R2 Infrastructure on Suse Linux 8 - Interop. Patch Required?

The 9iAS Administration Guide states that the installation of
the Interoperability Patch is required for after the 9iAS Infrastructure
installation and every subsequent 9iAS Application Server Installation.
So far I found detailed instruction only for Solaris.
Is this patch required for Linux too ??
Is Linux 8 certified with 9ias R. 2? I saw on the download portion of this site that the patch is required for Linux 7. And, on Solaris, it has finally been packaged with the software - patch is no longer required (which is a wonderful thing since installation of the patch took at least twice as long as installation of the other software.) 
9iAS 902 for LINUX is certified only on Redhat 2.1/AS and SUSE SLES-7. The 9.0.2 release requires the InterOp Patch
while the recently released release doesn't.

Core Patch for 9.0.2

Can an Oracle person let me know when the patch will be released for Windows 2000? The unix patch has been released for a while (Patchset:2542920). Also, I've heard that this patch supports the changing of the ip address after install. Is this true?
I think the patch you are talking about it's embebbed in the 1st release of 9ias r2 for windows. 9ias r2 for solaris, linux, etc was a bunch of bugs, so they release a patchset that is also included in 9ias R2 windows. 
Patch was released on Friday. The patchset number is 2542920.

9iAS r2 9.0.2 Portal - When is W2K version available for download?

There are only UNIX versions of the AS/portal available in the
download area. When will 9iAS r2 Portal 9.0.2 be available for
W2K download, with a complete installation guide?
I need to install ASAP, and do not want to install r1
Portal 3.0.9 only to have to do an entire re-install
when r2 is available... (the upgrade would probably
be more painful than a clean install).
When will it be available, or is it best to go with UNIX
(if Win2000 is still several weeks away from release).
Where to I check for W2K r2 version availablity?

9iAS for Linux

I was just looking over the 9iAS downloads page to see if 9iAS v. for Linux was available for download. To my surprise, the download for older version, v., is not present! Is Oracle pulling the Linux rug out from underneath us! What next?!
I'm growing extremely tired of this... 
We are looking to get iAS out in a couple of weeks. It does have some important enhancements.
In the mean time please use 1.0.2. Many of the major issues were resolved release were incorporated in the release for Linux.
Josue Amaro
Linux Products Manager
Oracle Corp 
Can you clarify something for me? Is 9iAS supported on SuSE Linux 7.0? I am having problems installing 9iAS on this platform and I am being told by somebody that this is not supported. However, the SuSE Oracle support pages clearly state that this is supported.
Which is true?
Gudmundur Josepsson