Transparent gateway for MS SQL - Heterogeneous Connectivity

I've installed and configured the software but I cant see a service OracleTGServiceMSQL in the services list. Should this be running all the time or is it only started when a request is made from the DB link?
Also I've tried to add a service using gtwsrv73 as per the documentation but am getting an error msg telling me it cant be found. I've re-istalled the software a second time but it makes no difference.


OEM shutting down after every 5-7 min....

Well i got this strange problem at the our head office with OEM....when i open the OEM....i get a message like "The page cannot be displayed".. in order to access the OEM i need to restart my services... then i can access it.. but after 5-7 min of using it it again...I get the message "The page cannot be displayed"....i again need to follow the same procedure order to work with OEM....
again after 5-7 min it goes down
again restart.
This is how it goes...
I wanna whats causing this problem... n whats the probable solution for it..??? 
check any jobs scheduled to stop and restart or check your connectivity.. if 11g check your database restart scheduler...
Its oracle 10g r2.... connectivity is fine..n thrz no such jobs to stop or to restart services 
the OS is windows server 2003 
i had this problem too on windows server 2003.
the period of time in which the OEM works (and not 100%) is the same as the windows service try to start.
i had several SR for this and the solution was always the same: deconfig and reconfig the dbcontrol with emca.
Some times was necessary to re-create the repository too.
I observed that the OEM crash seems related with windows automatic update...but i'm not sure about.
sorry for my bad english
hope this help 
I would take a look into %ORACLE_HOME%\<hostname>_<SID>\sysman\log. There are nice log/trace-files,especially *.nohup could be interesting. And - since it's on Windows - the event viewer should register any problems with Windows services.
you are right about sysman/log but, that's my case, event wiever don't log always that service crash. 
well i have checked my sysman log...thrz no such indication which points out 2 any error related to just specifies the process ID,has been launched succeddfully....
in the event viewer log i the message that i get is.."An error occured when tring to initialise the service".....
Now when i manually start the service from services.msc it takes long time and after the i get the same message ERROR :1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in timely fashion"
and the status i c beside the service name is given as STARTING...but some how the OEM is started ...with status being starting....!!!!!!isnt this strange??????? 
well DOES over here knows the root cause of this problem...!!!
what does SR stands for..???? 
SR is Service Request to Oracle Support
i've seen you ar on 10gr2 (like my system) but what patch level do you have?
Actually we have 7677781 and OEM works fine

Publisher 6.2 - working, diagnostics are not

Portal 6.0 SP1
Publisher 6.2
I can get into publisher - see the hierarchy, same with workflow. But when I choose the diagnostics option from the Publisher Administration portlet I get this error:
Error - Requested resource is currently unavailable. Request to the remote server has timed out. Try again later or contact your system administrator.
Gateway was not able to access requested content. If the error persists, contact your Portal Administrator.
The remote server is working - because it is the same one all publisher items use. Maybe it is the gatewaying.
Currently I have the gateway settings as:
for now set the gateway to:
and see if that fixes it... it could be something you left out on the gateway link, not sure what...
if that doesn't work, go to the web service -> debug page -> turn on http debugging
then turn on ptspy, turn on debugging, and execute the portlet request, you can see the HTTP request/response and see the real reason it's erroring out... at least you'll see the http response from the remote server (publisher) to see why it's complaining. 
I would also try hitting the diagnostics URL directly, via
http://publisherservername:7087/ptcs/console/index.jsp (this is the page you'll need to gateway to get it working). You'll need to know the basic authentication user name and password to doe this, but it should work fine without being gatewayed (I think). At the very least you'll be able to verify the page is there.
Incidentally, if the gateway fails to connect that is probably a different problem than invalid settings, since a non-gatewayed page would just likely redirect you to the Publisher diagnostics URL.
Perhaps diagnostics are taking too long or similar.
First of all, thanks for all the support!
For some reason, without any changes it is working. A reboot did not fix it, but turning off the publisher service and turning back on did. Publisher is on the same box as the portal.
No changes were made to the gateway either......
Hmmm... actually that's not strange depending on how each service starts up.
Meaning, turning on the publisher service really means starting publisher... in a lot of cases if everything starts up the same time, it looks like things are working, but something may not be.
The API Service is a really good example of that - I don't remember a specific case, sorry.
In general, yes, that was a strange issue, but i"m just saying restarting the publisher service doesn't seem like a strange solution to me.

Error while installing BAM

The BAM installation successfully concluded but on opening the start page i get the following error -
Server Application Unavailable
The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request.
Administrator Note: An error message detailing the cause of this specific request failure can be found in the application event log of the web server. Please review this log entry to discover what caused this error to occur.
Now on research i found out that the above is a .net error and the exact error is - aspnet_wp.exe could not be started. The error code for the failure is 80070545. Incorrect number of arguments. Note: ASP.NET worker process can not be used interactively. Exiting.
Tried every fix which is documented on the net, tried installing .net framework again but still stuck in the same predicament. I shall be highly grateful if anyone could find time and provide some valuable inputs???
Thanks and Regards
Figured out what the error was. More than one version of framework can sometimes throw an error while opening the start page. If anyone gets this kind of error please make sure you have a single version of Microsoft .net framework installed on your system and preferrably it is v1.1.
Thanks and Regards
Anshul Krishna 
This doesnt make any sense, I use both versions every day, and also I am starting using v 3.0, if it doesnt support both versions installed this software is not good enough

Application Server is kicking users out of a form based app with FRM-92102

We are running the Retek application with application server( which is serving forms out to our users. We are currently receiving the following error after users connect to the web based forms application:
FRM-92102: A Network Error has occured.
The forms client has attempted to reestablish its connection to the server 1 time(s) without success. Please check the network connection and try again later.
We have this application being utilized by many teams and we are not able to provide service to these users. We need a resolution ASAP.
Thanks in advance 
We had that too. Its a very complex area and there could be many causes. You really ought to use Oracle Support; I doubt if you will get a quick fix via discussion forums. 
On some deployments, we have encoutered the same problem. We traced the issue to intermittent failures on the network.
Oracle provide a setting that can be passed to the applet, to attempt reconnection a defined number of times when a failure has occurred.
This can be set in the "formsweb.cfg" file as follows:
and then in the basejini.html file :
<PARAM NAME="networkRetries" VALUE="%networkRetries%">
(or alternatively if you use a static HTML page to start the application update the HTML :
<PARAM NAME="networkRetries" VALUE="75">)
When the problem occurs, you will see output in the JVM console on the client machine, advising that reconnection is being attempted.
You can set it up, and then just unplug your LAN cable and watch it try to reconnect !!
The only question, is how high you want to set the retries, i.e. you don't want to attempt reconnection 10000 times (taking ages), before it eventually fails.
Hope this helps.
two very good answers - look at network retries but it is a complex area and will probably need some indepth investigation of which Oracle Support can help.
Grant Ronald
Forms Product Management 
I had the same problems. At our end the problem was Proxy setup. The problem lies in proxy setup if you are using one. Some parts of the incoming requests when filtered/amended by proxy give rise to this error.
So please get help from network group.
i've installed redhat enterprise linux 4on my pc. it has 2GB RAM, 180 GB HDD. than i've installed oracle forms and report services 10g on it when i type
the test form is running but after 2 minutes it gives fr-92102 error it says check your network configuration. i add the network retries parameter, hearBeat parameter , and chang pingserver or something bu it still gives this error. i've searched lot of documents in metalink but no solution, But in windows i saw running with no error. What can i do, what parameter do i change ??
thank in advance .
Check timeout parameters of the jserv 
I have the same error on recently updated RedHat 4. Do you find a solution? Any idea can be helpful. Thanx

Restart service handler

I've got a problem with ORA-12519 exceptions. On my development machine I never get them. On a customer installation I'll get them from time to time (but this is not reproducable). This customer runs our client and the db on the same machine. Now we have another customer how uses WLAN to connect our client with the db. There we get a lot of ORA-12519. On the net I found that this could be solved by changing some db parameters. But seeing the difference in occourence I gues that the WLAN will prevent that the ORA-12519 will disappear. Is there a way to restart the service handler by ADF? I don't like the current solution, that requires to restart our client.
hi Joerg
Where you write "Is there a way to restart the service handler by ADF?", what is it exactly that you would like to restart?
Could you provide some more details on what you describe as "our client"? For example what technology it uses or how it communicates with the database.
Jan Vervecken