Connection from on AIX to SQL Server 2000 on NT - Heterogeneous Connectivity

I'm trying to set up a heterogenous service from AIX to SQL
Server on NT. I've configured the listner and tnsnames.ora entry
but am having trouble with the agent ora file. My question
revolves around the ODBC driver. I'm assuming that I have to
have an ODBC driver installed on the AIX server but I dont think
there is one installed. Am I right in this assumption and if so
do Oracle supply a driver or is it a 3rd party product? 

Yes Fraser, you are right. You need to install and configure an
ODBC on the machine where your Oracle database is installed.
Oracle does not provide any ODBC drivers for accessing non-Oracle
databases. These are generally provided by the database vendor or
can be purchased from a third party.

Thanks for that. Can I achieve the same result by purchasing
transparent gateway software for SQL Server 2000 from Oracle as
apposed to a 3rd party ODBC driver? 

Yes you can use the Transparent Gateway for MS SQL Server, in
fact we recommend it.

Is there support for SQL Server 2000 at version 8.1.7 of the
server? I've had a look around and can only find info on
transparent gateways for SQL Server 6.5 and 7. 

V9.0.1 of the Transparent Gateway for MS SQL Server is certified
with Oracle 8.1.7 (9.0.1 as well) and MS SQL Server 2000 (7.0 as
Our certification matrix is available on OTN at

Thanks for that. I've been trying the generic connectivity in
the meantime and am getting a strange error msg:
exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program hsodbcTESTSQL because of
the following errors:
0509-150 Dependent module libagtsh.a(shr.o) could not
be loaded.
0509-022 Cannot load module libagtsh.a(shr.o).
0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path
name does not exist.
The libagtsh.a file is in $ORACLE_HOME/lib
Any ideas?


Oracle ODBC driver for Windows XP

I am trying to connect Crystal Reports v11 to an Oracle 9i database. The ODBC driver provided with Microsoft XP does not work and so I am wondering which driver I might require for this simple application. There are so many drivers offered on the Oracle website and elsewhere that I am not sure which one is required.
Any help here would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance
Can you be more specific about what "does not work"? What driver are you using? I'm guessing that you're trying to use the "Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle," but if you could confirm that, it would be helpful. What error do you get?
Is there an Oracle client installed on the machine where Crystal Reports is installed? Are there multiple Oracle Homes on the machine?
Hi Justin,
There are no clients on the PC. We have tried to use the Microsoft provided ODBC driver and the error message refers to this not being able to deal with Oracle above v7.3 I think. We are using Oracle 9i and have found that this never had an approved driver for Windows. Is this true?
Also, I do not think that there is an Oracle Home on the PC as this accesses the Oracle via .exe files on another server
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The machine where Crystal Reports is running will need an Oracle client installed. There are potentially three different machines involved here-- your local desktop, a middle tier server where Crystal Reports is running, and a database server. Whichever machine(s) connect to the Oracle database would need the Oracle client installed.
I expect that the error message you are getting is telling you that the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle requires that the 7.3 or later version of the Oracle client is installed on the machine that is attempting to connect to the database. That is expected if the Oracle client has not been installed-- Microsoft ships a driver that works on top of the Oracle client, not a driver that can directly communicate with the database.
If the machine that wants to connect to the Oracle database does not have an Oracle client installed, you would need to install a version of the Oracle client. You can download this from OTN from the same place that the database can be downloaded-- if you are installing on Windows, there is a separate client-only download on the same page where the database can be downloaded, on other operating systems, you generally need to download the database installer and do a client-only install. The client-only install for Windows is still a few hundred MB depending on the version of the client you get. If that footprint is too large, you can use the Instant Client instead, but that requires a bit more work to install-- it is more commonly used when you want to ship a very small Oracle client with an application you are developing, so it assumes that you'll be writing the installer and registering the appropriate DLLs.
Hi Justin -
I have a similar situation - where I am trying to connect a version of Crystal Reports (locallly running on my machine) to a 10g Oracle db. I have the ODBC driver installed, but when I try to create a datasource using the driver, I get an error in odbcad32.exe : Unhandled exception at 0x7c90100b in odbcad32.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000034.
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Solaris an MSSQL Server connectivity

Hi, I need connect a Oracle Database 10g under Solaris with a MSSQL Server 2000.
I read in the data sheet "Oracle Generic Connectivity and
Oracle Transparent Gateway" ( that not exist the oracle gateway for MSSQL in solaris.
is it posible with generic ODBC connection?
I'm in the same boat
10gR2#Solaris8/SPARC <--> Sql Server 2K#Windoz
Nedd to get data FROM Sql Server
Any help please ? 
You either need an ODBC driver for Unix or a Windows Oracle server with ODBC connectivity defined for the SQL Server instance. If you already have an Oracle server on Winodws I would go that route then see the following
link for more info: 
Under Linux/Solaris you can use e.g. HSODBC with
But costs a lot of money.
For simple batch jobs I use the mssql jdbc driver.

Error Forming Odbc

Trying to add to user DSN, it gives the following error:
"The setup routines for the ORACLE ODBC Driver ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 1157"
"Could not load the setup or translator library"
The client of oracle this installed previously. 
I'm having the identical error.
Use universal installer to remove the odbc driver. Download mdac 2.6 or above. Clean the odbc registry key of any Oracle entries under h-key-local machine - software - odbc. Install MDAC2.6. Reboot and install odbc driver with universal installer.
I have the identical error. I have checked the registry according to the previous reccomendations.
I am running W95 with Developer 2000 trying to connect to a Personal Oracle 8i database. I have been successful with the Merant ODBC drivers, but would prefer to use the Oracle ODBC drivers. Where shoud the setup and translator libraries be? Or is there a different version that I should be trying with W95?
Thanks ... 
I have the identical error. I have checked the registry according to the previous reccomendations.
I am running W95 with Developer 2000 trying to connect to a Personal Oracle 8i database. I have been successful with the Merant ODBC drivers, but would prefer to use the Oracle ODBC drivers. Where shoud the setup and translator libraries be? Or is there a different version that I should be trying with W95?
Thanks ...
Reply please to

oracle client 10g

Hi ,
i have server which is running on windows 2000 and has MS SQL SERVER 2000 database on it.
now to cofigure MICROSOFT ODBC Driver for Oracle i install oracle 10g client on that server.
but when i am trying to add system DSN it is giving me error which is as follows
[The oracle(tm) client and networking components were not found. These components are supplied by oracle corporation and are part of oracle version 7.3(or greater) client software installation.
you will be unable to use this driver until these components have been installed.]
can any one have idea on that?
thanks in advance for you support!!!!
You need to install Oracle client software. Get it from here,
Install it and than retry.
When you configure DSN make sure you pick the correct Oracle ODBC driver from the list. Do not the microsoft version Oracle driver. Usually the Oracle driver is down in the bottom of the list. 
i already install 10g client and when i am trying to add as system DSN it is giving me the below error
the setup routines for the oracle in OraClient10_home1 ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 126.
and on this error when i click ok it is displaying the following error.
could not load the setup or translator library.

Error can not load resource file sqresus.dll?

hi everybody,
I used java to access oracle database(8.1.6) by oracle odbc driver(for some reasons, my application only can use odbc driver instead of thin and oci driver),the odbc driver is 8.1.6,client os is win2k,the server is winnt4.0/oracle 8.1.6. wnen I try to connect oracle, it throws a message:
error cannot load resource file sqresus.dll?
anybody can tell me the reason and how to resolve it?
I assume your Java application is making JDBC calls and you're trying to use the Sun JDBC-ODBC bridge with the Oracle ODBC driver.
Sanity check question-- did you successfully install the 8.1.6 Oracle client on your Win2K client machine? If so, have you tried installing the latest 8.1.6 Oracle ODBC driver from OTN ( or IIRC)?
I have the same problem with the Oracle ODBC driver. I have tried everything in these forums and more. The MFC42.dll version listed in one of the posts is unavailiable or is part of a non standard microsoft update ( Help finding it would be nice). I did run microsoft windowsupdate on one machine and it now works. (with MLU 1.0 updates found in critical updates) I tried the same update on another machine it still does not work.
- What version of Windows are you working with?
- Is there an error number assosciated with the error message?
- Is there anything vaguely non-standard about your setup (i.e. loading files from a remote machine, multiple Oracle homes, etc.)
- When you installed the 8.1.6 Oracle client, did you have any problems? You did install the 8.1.6 client, not the 8.1.5 or 8.1.7, correct?
- Can you successfully connect to remote databases using other client tools (i.e. SQL*Plus)?
- When do you see this message? If you see it when trying to connect, can you post the connection string you're using?
- You state in another post that the %ORACLE_HOME%\bin directory is in your path. I assume that the driver's Oracle home it is the first %ORACLE_HOME%\bin in the path (thinking about multiple Oracle homes here).
- Can you post the versions of the mfc42*.dll DLL's on your system?
Windows version NT 4.0 sp6a.
IE 5.5 sp1
TIB_TIBCO_DSN: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 1114 (Oracle in Oracle_Home).
Other client tools work ok.
Just VB6 app through ADO fails.
MFC42.dll 6.00.8665.0
MFC42u.dll 6.00.8665.0
One Oracle home
Client 8.1.6
I might have found success. My application was calling mfc42.dll from another applications directory. I renamed the file to force it to use the one in the system directory and first test runs work.