Transparent Gateway for MS SQL Server on Win 2000 - Heterogeneous Connectivity

Can anyone tell me where I can get this software from? I was led
to believe it was part of the 9.0.1 CD Pack for Microsoft
Windows but it doesnt appear to part of it. Do I have to
purchase another piece of software or can I download it from

The gateway is available on the Oracle database CD v9.0.1. There
is no separate CD for the gateway as of v9.0.1.
You can install the gateway but choosing the custom install
option during the installation process.


Location of client software for RH Linux 9

I have an existing 8.1.7 database running on a solaris box (matrix) and need to add the client software to my test linux box (canuck) to connect to the database to test an application using ADOdb database wrapper. The ADOdb documention that all I need is the client. I can find a client on the site, and have a client for Windows on CD Part #: A87675-01; but for the life of me cannot find a simple linux client on the OTN. Do I have to install a whole database on the test machine to connect to the production server? If not, where is a simple client installer for Linux that will let me attach to matrix.
The word database on the OTN download pages distinguishes the software
from major Oracle's Application Server, Developer Suite etc. bundles.
Following OTN's download links for the 10g Linux x86 Database past the
licence agreement gives a page allowing the "Oracle Database 10g
Client Release 1 ( for Linux x86" distribution to be
Download this Client, run the installer and choose the "Administrator"
option (the other options are Instant Client, Runtime and Custom).
This gives headers and libraries that PHP can be linked with.
If you want to install an Oracle 9.2 client, then download the Oracle9i
Database Release 2 for Intel Linux and choose the "Client" install.
See also oci8 installation
-- CJ

connecting to remote oracle server on HP Unix

I need to write perl script to access an Oracle database on a
remote server. I am new to the Oracle world. I understand that
I need to have Oracle client software installed to access a
remote server from a HP Unix box. Is there client software
available for HP Unix? Is it freely distributed? If so, how can
I get a hold of it? 
I need to have Oracle client software installed to access a
remote server from a HP Unix box. Is there client software
available for HP Unix? Is it freely distributed? If so, how can
I get a hold of it? You need to set up SQL*Plus and Net8, plus some supporting
libraries which are installed for you. There is a version of the
Oracle9i for HP-UX. You can download it from:
This contains the entire Oracle9i product, but you should be
able to install SQL*Plus and Net8 from this.
You could also set up Oracle9i on a Windows machine somewhere,
and just open up a browser on your HP box and start iSQL*Plus
(from the Windows machine).
Of course, all software downloaded from OTN is on a trial basis.
You should contact Oracle to purchase software that you intend
to use for any purpose other than evaluation.
iSQL*Plus Team

Oracle Client Install - Oracle Windows Interface

I am trying to install the Oracle Client for Windows 32bit 11g Release 2I am following instructions to install some 3rd party software and the instructions mention to select the following Oracle Client Products:SQL *PlusOracle Windows InterfacesOracle NetOracle Objects for OLEOracle Provider for OLE DB The issue I have is that Oracle Windows Interfaces does not appear in the list. Does anyone know why?ThanksJason
You mean Oracle Data Access Components or something else?Oracle .NET Software Downloads
Hi Top Gun,thanks for the response.Nope, I mean Oracle Windows interfaces 
ok - so that suggests the Oracle Windows Interfaces are part of Oracle server, and not part of the client.You can install these via the OUI as you see fit.
Please continue installation and  client software components will get installed successfully.

oracle licences

we have the Oracle9i database server installed on windows 2000 and need to do some web projects using CGI/Perl from a linux user account. However I couldn't install the DBD:Oracle module on our linux machine. I checked some reference and they said to have a full client install of
oracle on linux is needed. Is it true? The problem is that what we bought is Oracle 9i Releasse 1(9.0.1) CD Pack for Microsoft Windows. Do we need to buy another licence to install oracle client on linux? Is there any other way to
install DBD:oracle?
thanks a lot for your help!
My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that only the server is licensed, not the number of clients installed. You can get the Linux client software from OTN. 
Oracle is very greedy. I believe that you do need a licence for each named user (as opposed to concurrent user), and server that you have. See the link below for their terms of licensing.

Oracle 8i Client Installation for HP UX

I don´t know how to install a client8i in an HP/UX that can connect with a Server.
Somebody can give me an idea of the components, and the steps to do this.
Thank you. 
On Unix platforms the client is not available as a separate cd like it is for Windows, it is included with the database software. If you have the database software (either downloaded from OTN or on CD) then go through the install process. One of the things the installer will ask you is what type of installation you want. Select client rather than database.