Oracle 8.1.7 For Sun Solaris Intel - Downloads Issues

I couldn't find download link for Oracle 8.1.7 For Sun Solaris Intel.
Can anybody give me info the link for download it..!!!
Please provide me the Url..


How can I download oracle for solaris9 x86

hi everybody,
I need download oracle database for solaris9 for x86,but in oracle web site I just look about solaris for sparc,is any body know where can download oracle8i for solaris9 x86
I don't think Oracle supports Solaris on Intel any more.

Oracle 8i download for intel solaris

Hi guys,
I need oracle 8i software for solaris but its a intel machine not sparc.can anybody guide me to get it on the download center??.

which version of Oracle8i ?

I have installed Solaris 8 (Intel) from a download, and now I want to install Oracle8i. I went to the Oracle site to download 8i but I didn't see a version for Solaris on Intel. Will the SPARC Solaris version work?
The SPARC version will not work. But there is an Intel one, in fact I have that CD right here. You should be able to obtain it from OTN or if you buy the media kit from Sun as it is bundled with it.

Is 8.1.7 for Solaris Intel x86 available for download

Is Oracle RDBMS 8.1.7 for Solaris Intel x86 platform available for download via OTN?
Its not listed as an option 
Go to this website and download ur evaluation copy...
hope this will work...

Oracle for Solaris X86

I would like to know where I can download the latest version of orace for the solaris on Intel os.
I have searched oracle and cannot seem to find it.
Any suggestions.