Column truncated using hsodbc to AS400 - Heterogeneous Connectivity

I appreciate if there any of can help me.
Is there limitation on hsodbc when retrieve or writing character more then 255 character from non Oracle via hsodbc ?
I'm using Oracle to read and write record to AS400 using client access ODBC. I need to read from and write to a column of character 500 type. But without any error the result is truncated to 254 character. I use a view to split the 500char column into 3 smaller column and it succeed for read operation, but I cannot write to it.
I have try to read on write with the same ODBC using Oracle Forms without hsodbc with success. So I believe it is about hsodbc, no ODBC driver.
So is there any limitation, or any parameter to change on hsodbc ?
Thank you for any help

Yes there was a limitation in hsodbc v8.1.6. This has been fixed for v9.2 and a patch is available for v9.0.1.


PRB : Updating BLOB through ODBC to ORACLE

I am facing problem while updating BLOB data to oracle database
using ORACLE ODBC driver
I am writing to the database using an application developed in
VC++ 6.0 using MFC.
The application throws an exception at
     AFX_ODBC_CALL(::SQLParamData(hstmt, &pv));
in function CRecordset::SendLongBinaryData.
It does not give any error string so to identify the error.
The same code works with MS Access 2000 database through ODBC
driver for Access.
The table to which the BLOB is written contains only two fields
namely a long id and the BLOB field.
Is there anything different required to be done?
Can anybody help me regarding this?
Thanks in advance.
Enable an ODBC trace in the ODBC administrator and see what (if
any) extra errors are uncovered there. 
Hi Manish,
Have you got the solution for your problem... I am also facing the similar problem
Pls. let me know.
Can you enable ODBC tracing and see what error shows up there?
What version of the Oracle ODBC driver are you using? Have you tried upgrading to the latest version?
Able to Read the BLOB using ODBC in Oracle 8.x and Able to read write BLOB using ODBC in Oracle 9.x. Oracle might have improved the driver.

Migrate binary data from Informix to Oracle 9i

Hope some of you have experiences in migrating data from Infomrix into Oracle. Currently, we are using Informix IDS 7.31FC3. I'm looking for ways to migrate binary from Informix to Oracle using sqlldr. So far, I have not been able to do the loading. The binary data column is of type char(104). When that column was unloaded to a flat file, it contains non-printable characters. The delimiters were pipes, "|". The difficult part is the binary data sometimes also has pipes as valid data. I unloaded the data from an Informix database using a uitility, "dbaccess -X". Thanks. 
Have you looked into Oracle Migration Workbench? I'm not sure whether it supports Informix, but I think it does. It is available for download on OTN. 
Tried Migration workbench and got the following error:
"Failed to create tablespace: IO exception: Connection aborted by peer: Socket write error."
Do you know of any other tools? IDS 7.31FC3 --> Oracle 9i Release 2 (
Hi James,
I am also facing the same problem of loading binary data(unloading from informix) to Oracle 9i.So if you get any hint or any solution to overcome this, please let me know also. pl post it in the forum. it would be of great help for me.

MS Access via ODBC to Oracle CLOB field Types show as Text Type in Access

When connecting to a migrated ACCESS database to the ORACLE database via ODBC the ORACLE CLOB fields show up in ACCESS as 255 char text fields.
Original ACCESS tables were Memo Type, they converted correctly to ORACLE CLOB type but the reverse doesn't appear to work ACCESS sees them as 255 char Text type
MS ACCESS version 2003 sp2
ORACLE version 8
Microsoft ODBC Driver 2.575.117.00
ORACLE driver
Is there an easy fix without modifing the ACCESS front end. 
I'm unable to reproduce the behaviour you are seeing, as I currently don't have access to an Oracle 8 instance. I know that there is no such issue when working with a newer database instance e.g Oracle 10g, and a CLOB column in Oracle appears as a MEMO column in an imported table (via ODBC) in MS Access. Have you tried to change the TEXT column to a MEMO in the imported table? This change would only require updating the underlying table and not any front end objects. I've tried it on a few test cases, but again not connecting to an Oracle 8 instance, and the change works.
I would recommend trying to change the column type to MEMO. If this doesn't work, please let me know.
I'm in the process of migrating a couple of the tables to 10 to see if it resolves the issue. Thanks again 
HELP, I converted to Oracle 10 and I get the same results. When I access the converted table in ORACLE connected via ODBC link from the Access Front End the CLOB data types with lengths upwards of 3000 characters show up as Text types length 255 and data truncates to 255 char.
All the information I can read states this is not supported
Can you give me an idea of how you are configured or the ODBC drivers you are using 
If possible can you try doing the following:
1. Install an Oracle 10g ODBC driver on your machine, if you haven't done so already. For this test, I have used version of the Oracle ODBC driver.
2. Set up a new DSN to your migrated Oracle database schema.
3. In MS Access add a New Table to your MDB file - it should be either an Import Table or a Link Table.
4. Set the file type to ODBC Databases, and browse to the Machine Data Source DSN that you set up in step 2. Select the table you wish to link to.
5. To avoid having to update your form object, make sure that the linked/imported table name matches the name of the original MS Access table e.g. Employees.
6. Run your form & you should be able to view the CLOB information successfully.
If you are still experiencing issues doing so, please outline all the steps you have carried out in your attempt to access & view the CLOB information.
I hope this helps.
Where can we find the Oracle 10g ODBC Driver to install?


Hi !!
I have a big problem !
I am developing Applications in MS ACCESS 2K and I use an Oracle (Ver 8.1.7) Database.
I connect via ODBC (i just downloaded the newest Oracle ODBC Driver
So, there's just one problem:
If in a Oracle Table there are decimal values, in MS ACCESS they are not converted as decimal values
e.g. : ORACLE TABLE VALUE : 12,43
ACCESS TABLE (ODBC): 1243 (without any comma)
In Oracle the column is setted as (number(5,2)) Access it's imported as decimal(5,2), but it doesn't show any decimal values
all other tables and columns are linked correct.
only the decimal values show such problems...
...i really don't know what to do anymore!!!
please help 
I use MS ODBC driver instead of Oracle ODBC driver with Access W2K and Oracle 8.1.7.
It work right 
Given your e-mail address, I suspect that you have a discrepency between your NLS settings and your Windows Internationalization settings. Windows probably wants the decimal separator to be a comma (,) while NLS probably wants the separator to be a period (.).

JDBC with oracle 8.1.6

Hi ,
iam using oracle 8.1.6 . I want to pass an xml file as a clob to database
through Java pl/sql procedure.Iam using setAscii stream function to pass the clob as param from java. When the size of the xml is more than 32 kb.
iam getting an exception
SQL exception: java.sql.SQLException: Data size bigger than max size for this type: 32922
Using clobs we should be able to support 4gb of data?Does Oracle 8.1 support this? Is there any restriction on Clobs in oracle 8.1?
Can you please help me how I should tackle this problem.
Try using the latest drivers (10.2); the following blog entry
might also help.
My java application is inside the database oracle 8.1. Is it feasible to use oracle 10 driver?is the driver compatible?
is theere any restriction as passing parameters to Pl/SQL procedure specifically with oracle 8.1?
please confirm.