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where do i get the report 6i patches for download? I have seen metalink but i didn't see the required patch. i want reports 6i patch 3 or later.please if anybody can help?


How should I apply patches to forms 6i?

Someone told me that in order to work properly with forms 6i you have to apply patches.
How could we find that our forms 6i need patches in order to run properly on windows 2000 Server?
I have a metalink account, what patch of forms 6i I need and how should I download it and then how should I apply it to forms 6i from METALINK?
After applying required patch does forms 6i works properly in the future?
Apparently you do not have any patch installed at the moment. So, the easiest thing to do is to download the last patch (17) from Metalink. There is a special Patches & Updates section.
You install the patch the same was as installing the base version. The Universal Installer does it all for you. 
Without having any details about your problem, there is no way of knowing if a "patch" will solve your problem. Additionally, there are no specific patches required which are needed to run on Windows 2000. All 6.0.8.x versions were certified on Win2k
However, the latest and last patch for Forms/Reports 6i is Metalink Patch ID# 4183804
This will make your Forms version

Forms/Reports 6i patches

From where i can get updates (patches) for forms/reports 6i
You can find patches here:

Patch 11 - where to find?

Can anybody tell me the link from where I can download the patch 11. Or the patch number to easy download from metalink.
You can go to and search patch number 2536642 to get the Reports 6i patch for your platform.

6i Patch

We are looking for the latest Forms 6i patch but I can't find a download for it. Does anybody have a link to a download for this patch.
Patches are available on Metalink. 
We tried metalink but could not find any for Forms 6i. Do you have a direct link? 
Go to Patches & Updates
Go to Quick Links
Hover the mouse pointer over Oracle Developer
Select your platform, then 6i. 
Fortunately the patch number is the same for all platforms, it's 4948577 (latest patch Patch 18).
Thank you

Where I can find Developer 6i Patch 9

I cannot find Developer 6i Patch 9 in metalink. Would you please tell me where I can get it? Our forms are compiled with this version and my disk is dead and I need it to reinstall development.
Really need your help. Many thanks 
anyone knows it? please help. Thanks. 
Forms/Reports 6.0.8 Patch 9 ( = Metalink Patch ID 2211449
The latest (and last) for non-Applications users:
Forms/Reports 6.0.8 Patch 17 ( = Metalink Patch ID 4183804 
This thread shows how to look up Forms 6i patches:
<P>Re: Forms 6i installed and running on Windows Vista