Oracle 9i OLAP Services Developer's Guide to OLAP DML - Downloads Issues

Dear all,
Where can I find the PDF documentation for Oracle 9i OLAP Services Developer's Guide to OLAP DML. Can anyone provide me a link?


Oracle 8i OLAP

Does Oracle 8i has OLAP? I could not find it anywhere. So far, only Oracle 9i has OLAP, correct? Please advise. Thanks.
Hi Susan,
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a new feature of Oracle9i. You will find more information on this here
For any further queries on this please post your question in the OLAP discussion forum - OLAP
OTN Group.

Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer with the OLAP Option 11g

Is it also possible to use Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer with the OLAP Option 11g ?
I read this article but the OLAP Option is 10g.
Yes, I think so, see this article.
Rod Wets

basic question

hi all
What is olap?
pl give full story about it
Oracle9i OLAP on OTN
Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide (9.2)
Refer to Part 1 The Basics

Using package cwm2

Hello everybody.
I am working in the framework of my studies on the modules "OLAP" and "Data Mining" of Oracle 10g R2.
I have read that I have to use the package "cwm2" in order to make OLAP Cubes... Does anyone here know how using this package ?? (I mean : how load it with Oracle).
Thank you,
You can refer to Oracle® OLAP Reference 10g Release 1 (10.1) Part No. B10334-02
which you can find in the Oracle Database 10g Documentation
Actually, you will want to refer to the documentation specifically for Oracle OLAP 10gR2 (10.2). You can always find the latest Oracle OLAP doc at the following OTN site:
Yes, the Oracle OLAP Reference details the CWM2 packages. However, CWM2 is used to create ROLAP cubes in Oracle OLAP 10.2. To create MOLAP cubes (analytic workspaces), the Model View in Analytic Workspace Manager 10.2 uses the OLAP AW API, not CWM2. Please refer to the Oracle OLAP Application Developer's Guide for more details.
As to how to load the CWM2 packages, they are already there if you installed the Data Warehouse database configuration of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. If you have a Data Warehouse database configuration, Oracle Database is then OLAP enabled.

Where is the O9i OLAP DML Reference?

I cannot find any reference documentation of OLAP DML. Although mentioned in developer's guide for OLAP DML, there is no such
book available as a part of Oracle 9i documentation. Thus, where can one find it or, unfortunately, does not it exist yet?
Here you can find documentation on Oracle or 9.0.1
Select list of books and you'll find book
'OLAP Services Developer's Guide to the OLAP DML'
Good luck 
You can find Oracle9i OLAP Release 2 - Developer's Guide to the OLAP DML at the following site:
Also, the OLAP DML Reference Help is found in OLAP Worksheet which is part of OEM.