Downloading 9i Release 2 - Downloads Issues

- 06/06/2002
- I.E 5.50 and Netscape 6.1
- Windows 2000
- None
I'm trying, very unsucessfully, to get the latest release of 9i downloaded.
The new mechanism whereby you have to log in via a JSP application is a pain.
Because of the way it redirects the file download within IE or Netscape
you cannot use re-startable file download applications like gozilla.
If you try and enter the URL to the zip file it is redirected and only succeeds in downloading the login.jsp itself.
Does anyone have a clue how to make either of these browsers use gozilla rather than their own file download handlers's?

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As a workaround, you can use Getright to manage the download -


I cannot download Oracle Personal Edition

I am having problems with downloading the Perosnal edition, Once I click the download button, IE says page not found, Netscape says Cannot find the file. Is there anyother alternative to download this other than buying it ofr 39.99.
Is there any problem with my Browser settings.

Issue Downloading Oracle Database 10g Release 2 for MS Windows

It took a couple of hours to download the software and "save" it to a folder. When I double-click on the setup.exe file nothing happens. I am not sure if there was a problem with my download (my internet connection is not the fastest).
When that didn't work, I tried downloading the software again, but this time selected "open" rather than "save". Again nothing happens.
Does anyone have a suggestion for me? Thanks 
Use a download manager instead of letting IE or firefox manage the download. Compute the checksum for the downloaded file and tally that with the one available on download page.
I presume you are downloading the correct version of 10gR2 for your version of Windows (which you have not posted).

Downloading Oracle Gets Junk In Browser

In Netscape 4.51 on Redhat 6.0, I click to download Oracle. Instead of a file to save, I get binary garbage in a frame in the web browser. I tried connecting to and my login didn't work. How do I download the trial version's gz? 
Press shift while you click on the link you want to download

Download with getright

I saw on OTN the advise to use getright download manager for large downloads. I installed it to use with firefox and flashgot download extension. But after clicking on a link I get this login.jsp page. Downloading with firefox with save link as works. But Getright won't interpret this login-page correctly, even when I instruct it to interpret it as an login page and give correct credentials.
How to instruct getright to download the original link? If it is not possible to get getright working with this intermediate login page, please remove the advise from OTN.
What is the purpose of this intermediate login page? Has it some thing to do with me being an oracle employee?
I too have the very same problem.
I tried downloading Oracle Database 10g Release 2 with Getright 5.2 and got the same login.jsp (size 4kb) downloaded. I was using Firefox. I too tried DAP 8 and Leechget 2004 but failed to download, not only the 10g but also any software fron Oracle.
If someone knows any work around I would be greatful and thankful. Pls help. 
IE and getright work great on OTN and no other workaround is needed. With flashgot and Firefox, you'll need to login to OTN using IE once to set a cookie (OTN homepage is fine), and continue to use flashgot in Firefox as you would normally.
Employees are restricted from downloading during business hours. 
Thanks Mark. :)

XForms client preview download

I recently discovered your client listed over on the W3 site. Being as how I'm "exploring" XForms, I thought I'd pop over here had download the preview for my XP Sp1 IE6 machine.
I clicked on the link and I got a partial page load before IE completely froze. Figuring I had to Save As, I killed off the IE that was running, opened IE again and did a Save As on the preview. Once downloaded, I attempted to execute the installer.
Imagine my surprise when XP informed me the .msi file was bad. Being a resourceful individual, I looked inside the file I had downloaded and noticed a bunch of HTML preceeding a binary. THIS is what caused the installer file to be corrupt...
So, now I wonder how I'm supposed to download the preview? Clicking on the link doesn't prompt me to "execute" or "save" the executable and saving the file locally to run doesn't work either.
Any suggestions?
Bob Bateman 
Hi Bob,
We recently experienced some problems with downloads of the Wireless Client from OTN after the recent OTN upgrade.
We have temporarily repackaged the Wireless Client in a .zip file to remedy this solution:
Please let me know if you are still having problems accessing the Wireless Client.