GetRight fails with Jdeveloper HTTP download - Downloads Issues

Running GetRight 45c on NT4SP6
Attempt to download JDeveloper 9i Base Install using the HTTP link
Get an error 'GetRight has downloaded a web page :
View this page in the GetRight Browser to let you pick items for GetRight to download?"
That doesn't work. So, apparently JDev cannot be downloaded with GetRight? Makes it hard for those of us with a modem....


where i can download JDeveloper 10g?

I try to download JDeveloper 10g from download page but i see only "404 Page not found"!
Are JDeveloper available and alive? :) 
It might have been a temporarly downtime which we had over the weekend - try again and see if it works.

Url JDeveloper 10g(10.1.3) Developer Preview Error..!

Hello everybody, somebody knows another link where I can download the jdeveloper 10g developer preview (10.1.3) because the url
it doesn't work, thank you for the help
The links to download the other JDeveloper packages are not working either.
I've tried to d/l and 5.0 and neither seem to have valid links to the ZIP files. 
Try the link again - it should do a redirect to one of our download servers (I get for example).
We had reports from some people that had problems initially and then it worked for them.
Also note that if you are an Oracle employee working behind the Oracle firewall you need to get the file from the internal site.

404s downloading jdeveloper

When trying to download any version of jdeveloper, I go through all the preamble, update my details etc., but the end result is always a 404 not found.

Unable to download JDeveloper 10.1.3

When attempting to download JDeveloper 10.1.3 I end up in a loop between choosing my current IDE and accepting the licensing. I have tried it with both IE and Firefox to no avail! 
Make sure javascript is enabled. Sign out and in again if you still have trouble.. 
I can't download jdev 10.1.3 too. When i download it, it is converted to *.html
what 's wrong???

PDK with 9ias R2 install

Is the PDK already installed with the 9iAS R2 or do I have to download the PDK and install it on its own. I ask this because when I first installed the Application Server I was already able to go to the samples providers page without doing anything. However I am not able to view all of the samples such as partnerApp or externalApp (http://(hostname):(port)/jpdk/providers/externalApp or http://(hostname):(port)/jpdk/providers/partnerApp) but I can go to http://(hostname):(port)/jpdk/providers/samples or http://(hostname):(port)/jpdk/providers/feedback.
If I do need to download and do a seperate install of the PDK why is not offered in a gzip format? Currently it is offered on only winzip, which is a pain in the but to get to work on a AIX machine. Do you have any suggestions?
Nick O'Leary 
PDK does come along with Oracle9iAS R2, so you don't have to install them again. The URLs you are trying to access are not correct ones. Try accessing thefollowing URLs.
or http://(hostname):(port)/jpdk/providers/external