Automatic transfer of data from Access database to Oracle database - Heterogeneous Connectivity

desire to automate a bd of biometric that this in Access and I need to daily automate of some the passage of its registries to one bd of oracle.
How I can do this? They say to me that I can use gateways that has oracle.

You can use Generic Connectivity to access data in Access from Oracle. This is a feature of the Oracle database and is available on Solaris and NT as of 8.1.6 and on HP and AIX as of Oracle 8.1.7.
You will have to obtain an ODBC/OLE DB driver for Access from a third party.
For more information on how to setup Generic Connectivity please refer to Chap 7 of the Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide.


heterogeneous connectivity to Mainframes

Hi Friends,
We have data-interchange with another company. They are using
IBM Mainframe z/OS 1.4 Database – DASD Records in VSAM format.
I have zero knowledge on mainframes.
I want to link it with our Linux Oracle 10g DB. Is there a heterogeneos
connectivity available to this VSAM database? How do I connect to
it manually? Please give me links docs on VSAM files connect.
Thanks a lot for your unfailing support 
Check Oracle Access Manager for AS/400 Installation and User's Guide
And Database Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide

Access to C-Isam

We are using C-isam now. And soon we need to keep our data to Oracle database as well. When C-isam updated, we need to have Oracle update too. Is it possible to do this?
If so, what do we need?
Please recommend.
Thank you. 
Well you can use Generic Connectivity to access data in a non-oracle system from an Oracle environment. You will need to have an ODBC driver for C-Isam which should be installed on the same machine where Oracle is running.
You can find more information on Generic Connectivity in Chap 7 of the Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide.

Connect to RMS files on OpenVMS 8.4

Hello allOracle DB is 11gR2 on Windows 2008 R2 server. We need to access data on RMS files within a VMS 8.4 System running on ITANIUM (not Alpha). Use of Oracle's gateway would make it easy for us to move the RMS data into Oracle - read the data from RMS and copy to Oracle.However, I see that VMS is no longer supported. The last version was 9.2 and I doubt if it is certified for VMS on Itanium. Is the gateway product a standalone product or part of the Database software ?Any ideas?
Hi,  If you can find a third-party ODBC driver for the RMS files then you could use the Database Gateway for ODBC (DG4ODBC) to select from the files.DG4ODBC is included in your RDBMS license and you only need to supply the ODBC driver.It is the ODBC driver that handles the communication between Oracle and the non-Oracle database so it doesn't matter that Oracle no longer supports the platform as long as the driver can connect to it. The following note in MOS has details on the configuration - How to Configure DG4ODBC (Oracle Database Gateway for ODBC) on 64bit Windows Operating Systems to Connect to Non-Oracle Databases Post Install (Doc ID 1266572.1) Regards,Mike
Hello MikeI don't have a support account. DO you have an alternate link for the details on configuration? Thanks
Hi,   Sorry, but we are not allowed to publish notes from MOS into the OTN forums.  You'll have to contact someone in your organisation that has access. Regards,Mike
Hi,  The documentation is available from thislink - Oracle Database Online Documentation 11g Release 2 (11.2) or Oracle Database Online Documentation 12c Release 1 (12.1) Regards,Mike
Hello MikeSo I have setup Gateways to talk to an Oracle DB. I have tried testing against accessing text (CSV) files locally using ODBC and the speed is slow. ANy parameters I need to set to speed up access ?Thanks
Keep in mind that this is a generic connection.  Performance may not be "fast' in certain configurations. You could try HD_FDS_SUPPORT_STATISTICS=FALSE to see if that helps any. Regards,Matt

Oracle 9i Rel 2 connection to Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0

Does anyone have an example of the required configuration to obtain data from a Sybase database from Oracle. I do not want to use the transparent gateway, I would prefer to use heterogeneous services (HSODBC?) if I could.
In order to use Generic Connectivity you will require an ODBC/OLE DB driver for Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere 6.0.
The driver will have to be installed on the machine where the Oracle database is installed. Oracle does not recommend any particular driver however the driver has to meet the requirements outlined in the documentation.
Information on how to configure Generic Connectivity is available in Chap 7 of the Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide.

Generic Connectivity to as/400 files

We have 2 platforms: oracle 8i in windows NT and as/400.
How we can import data from as/400 files to oracle tables directly.
I need information about setup of as/400 file access.
Please Help
Jeszs Chacsn
I am not sure I understand your question.
If you have some data in AS/400 and you want to be able to access that data from Oracle clients,
you can use Oracle Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2/400. This is available as part of the Enterprise Integration Gateways bundle.
You can also use Generic Connectivity to access those files however you will have to obtain an ODBC driver for it.
For information on how to set up Generic Connectivity please refer to Chap 7 of the Heterogeneous Connectivity Administrator's Guide.