Oracle Application Server 9i download - Downloads Issues

- Windows 200 Server Family
- Oracle Application Server download files (,disk1_002,..)
- 02 feb 2002
- internet explorer 5.0
- windows 2002 server SP 2.0
- error msg : it seems this file has Archiving error retry download the file again.
explanation :
i'm trying to download OAS9i since 5 days and each file gaves me the save error msg regarding the archiving ,
and the size of the file after finishing the download is less than whats written in the site !!!
what shall i do ???!!!!

I also have encountered the same problem. I even verified the byte sizes for the download zip files. After executing the bat file, which combines them into a single zip file, they archive is invalid by winzip or jar.
Please let me know ehn this issue is resolved.
Mike ROther 

I too am having the same problem when I attempt to install Oracle Client 8.1.7 on my XP machine .... any answers?


Problems downloading Oracle 9i evaluation software

So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information.
- Server name download-uk
- Filename
- Date/Time 17th September 2002/9-5BST several attempts
- Browser + Version IE 5.5
- O/S + Version win2k professional
- Error Msg none
I am trying to install an evaluation copy of Oracle 9i but am getting several errors which are fixed by PKZip when I extract the zip
setup.exe runs but does nothing. (running from command prompt doesn't give any information either and there is nothing in the event viewer which looks relevant)
I noticed that almost all files in the base Disk1 directory are zero length including jars and dlls.
Is there some problem with the zip or should I just keep retrying the download until it unpacks cleanly?
Thanks, Dan

9i database download and install

So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information.
- Server name: from ftp site
- Filename:,, *
- Date/Time: 9/13- 9/19/2002
- Browser + Version: Explorer 6.0.2800.1106
- O/S + Version: windows 2000
- Error Msg: Nothing- absolutely NOTHING
Problem: I have downloaded the 9i database files twice- with identical sizes both times: 598,441 KB 525,005 KB 248,495 KB
After decompressing the files into the appropriate directories- Disk1, Disk2, Disk3. I try to run the setup.exe- nothing happens. I the calling app (from the ini file) and try to run the autorun.exe and the autorun form shows. When I press the install/deinstall button nothing happens and the form disappears. No message or reason for no action. I was able to load this on my development server (by running the autorun.exe- setup.exe would not work), but it will not execute on my laptop (Intel 4 1.13 processor, 512 Mb ram, 60 G harddrive, Dell latitude). What is wrong? Why no message or reason for not running the installer? I have to go to a client, which is a Platinum Oracle customer- who I got to move to 9i, and I can't even get the database loaded on my laptop. I have joined the techonology track for J Dev which will get me the database, 9i J dev, and the 9i App Server, but not for 2 to 4 weeks (???). I tried to sign up for the OTN support for the 9i database, but after signing in the web page shows up with a few tabs and no content to submit the problem (blank page with tabs- and you can't select another tab). How I, a developer, get the database up on my laptop quickly- so I can develop a solution for one of Oracle best clients?.
I Have the Same Problem??? What is UP????? 
I down loaded the same release to my home machine and tried to install to another "DBserver" machine over my network. I got the same thing you did, nothing. I mapped my home directory to the "DBserver" machine as device E: and tried again. This time I got a message that I needed service pack 1 for Windows 2000. I installed service pack 3 on the "DBserver" machine and everything ran ok. I can't say that is you problem, but there were circumstances where I did not get any error message and nothing happened.
I did have the lastest windows updates, but I found the problem- the OUI ini file (in disk1\install\wind32) was pointing to the wrong directories. The Source, Jre_location, and OUI location directories were wrong. I corrected this directories to:
and the OUI installed correctly. The reason the disk1\setup.exe failed to work was because the disk1\autorun.inf open and icon parameters were pointing to \autorun\autorun.exe and autorun\autorun.ico, instead of ..\autorun\autorun.exe and ..\autorun\autorun.ico. Thanks for the input.

1670: Unable to load module

I try to install Oracle 11 XE to my Win XP desktop. I do that as administrator.
I had installed previously Oracle 10 XE, but I unistalled it correctly before start installing the new version. I also deleted some remainings in registry referring to the previous path and made a restart of windows.
During the decompression of the setup.exe to the temp directory (see below), the process stops abruptly and the following error message appears.
1670: Unable to load module
C:\Documents and Settings\Dimme\Local Settings\Temp\{8F413ECB-34A5-40E6-8F73-65C8F3597986}...
Error Code: 998
After that, nothing happens, and the temp directory disappears.
The files inflated by the setu.exe file are the following:
Oracle Database 11g Express Edition.msi
I noticed that the process fails while it tries to decompress one of those files.
Any idea please? 
Check your MSI version.
Or retry your download 11g XE..
I downloaded the last version of the Windows Installer (version 4.5 - WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe) for WP Professional SP3, installed and restarted the PC.
I also re-downloaded the file and made a couple of tries with that. Mention that I extract the files in my local disk and run the setup file from there.
The same error persists.
Any othr idea?

Error in unzipping the downloaded file

I am trying to download Discoverer
"Discoverer Administration Edition, Version 4.1.37 for MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000"
When i try unzipping the file i receieve the following error message:
"Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive file".
I have tried downloading the file three times but receive the same error message each time. 
I am having the same problem when I attempt to download oracle 8i 98 and NT versions. Winzip doe not recognize it as a proper archive file and therefore won't unzip it. Any help would be appreciated. 
I am getting the same problem when trying to download the Oracle 9i Disk1 and Disk2. Disk3 works fine.
Looking at the file sizes they are 1/3 of what the size says that it will download.
Disk1 is over 50MB what is downloaded is only 277MB. It looks like it goes through as the ftp stops and then I see a boz come up copying the file from a temp area to the directory I specified.
I am on IE 5.50. with 128 bit encryption. I am on a Win2K server.
What is the solution here? I've been trying to download for 3 days now.

having problems with corrupt downloads of Oracle 9i Release 2 Unix files

So that we may better diagnose DOWNLOAD problems, please provide the following information.
- Server name
- Filename server_9201_hpunix64_disk[1,2,3,4].cpio.gz
- Date/Time 06/19/2002 and 06/20/2002 all day, even tried downloading late at night
- Browser + Version tried IE 6.0, Netscape 6.2.3, Netscape 4.79
- O/S + Version Windows 2000 and Windows XP Pro
- Error Msg unable to read cpio file, it extracts part of the file but fails when it gets close to the end. keeps downloading only parts of the gzipz, sometimes it gets four or five hundred megs through the download some times it will only get about 50 megs though the download, but all attempts so far over a 1mb down dsl connection have failed.
file /otn/linux/oracle91/9201/lnx_920_disk1.cpio.gz -- and the same for all of the files for that database, I sincerly hope for oracle's sake that this is not indicative of the 'breakability' of oracle products. 
Sorry did I mention that
Opera on windows crashes when trying to download these files.
Ie 6, just writes the files but the download obvioulsy errors out as the files are too small.
Netscape actually raises and error message when the download stops.
In any case there is no ftp access so that won't work and because of the stupid agree with the licence agreement when you try to reference the files directly you can't simply issue a command like wget -c oracle_cpiofile.gz.