Personal Oracle 9i Usage. What is password for instance startup? - Downloads Issues

Simple Question. Where I can get it?
Thanks and regards. 

Hi, i also have this same problem, need help for the password. I thought it should be in the README.file



You will need to give more information. There's no way anybody can help you without it.
What is your operating system?
What version of Oracle9i?
What errors are you seeing?
What steps do you perform to reproduce the problem?

Multiple database instance for one user in Oracle XE

I would like to know if there is a way to create more than one database/schema for the same user in Oracle XE.
as far as i know schemas/users the answer is affermative.
Database only one.
Thanks. Is that an XE limitation? 
And i say...
yes, indeed.. you can find out some info here..

New schema location??

Hi to all im new on your forum! :)
I have to do schema migration into new database, but before doing that i have feeling that i need to done some steps to be sure that this work will be done ok. So i have checked disk capacity availability on each server and i have few possible db's but what also need to be done and how?
Just to say im junior DBA and i really need your help with this...
Thanks in advance!
Friendly regards!

oracle 11g oem preferred credentials

I'm using oracle 11g enterprise manager and trying to experiment with some of the features, the main one being database replay at present.
However this requires me to set preferred credentials to access an OS account.
Now no matter which set of valid account windows OS account details i enter on the preferred credentials page i get the an error message saying e.g.
Connection to host as user Administrator failed.
Can anyone suggest anything obvious i am missing at either the oracle configuration level or the windows user admin level.
Your help would be me much appreciated.
George Johnston 
If you are on windows, you may need to enable , Logon as batch job. I have not tested in 11g EM,do try and post feedback.
You are a genius.
I followed your suggestion and it worked a treat.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with me and the oracle community.
I hope to be able to repay the favour some day.
Thanks again :)
George Johnston 
Your welcome. I saw the helpful marked reply , I was wondering , did it work or not but you confirmed it now. Glad it was helpful for you :-).

Connecting without any Password !!!!! or may be can say Hacking !!!!!!

Hello, I made this topic to collect ideas of all people that work with you (Oracle). In the last of them (after 10 reply) I will tell my idea. I sure that it is the best! 
Does it by any chance involve a buffer overflow vulnerability to exclamation marks?
No, I means that connecting to Oracle Database throw database server machine. Suppose that you are administrator of machine that database installed on it, but you are not database administrator and don't have any oracle password and user name. You are only administrator of OS not DB.
Note: You don't have ORA_DBA role too. 
I say PACKING, you say HACKING, we all say you need a SMACKING !
So, what is the secret, Ali ?
I'm dying to know ! 
Ali take in consideration that this is a serious forum!
Joel Pérez 
Joel, anybody can post questions, even if they seem trivial
If you allow access to just anybody, irrespective if they are OS admin, then maybe you have a security risk. If it's not an acceptable risk, then don't allow 'administrator' access to the server.
As far as 'Hacking', well any system is vulnerable to hacking. Well unless it's a stand-alone without any network/internet connection; useless in a work environment.
Hi V Garcia
I posted what I posted according to the first topic of Ali.
Joel Pérez 
Ali lets hear what the answer to this riddle is. I think it is not possible to login to the DB without a valiad password. 
Well ali does it has something to do with sqlnet.ora 
If Ali is meaning that an OS administrator can access to Oracle databases without the credentials for accessing to the Oracle Server and databases. All of this is true.
For example in Unix if you have the password of the user root you can have all because you can change the password for the user oracle and if you enter with the Oracle account to the server you can control all. If you do not know the password for system and sys you can create a passwordfile and enter as sysdba. ( All systems has an element for maximun privileges!!!)
If Ali is meaning that this is a way to hacking Oracle. This is not any news for DBAs.
Conclusion: the most important here is the password of Oracle and root user are kept with very carefull in the enterprises and that's it.
Joel Pérez 
Ali, you got your ten replies. Let's hear now.
i'm very interested about your news. 
Well you have us waiting for this huge on with it! 
Jajajajajaja for me is a clown up to he does not say anything!!!!
There are some people that like to play with threads like this but do not request anything else. Oracle is Oracle and Oracle is unbreakable according to how a DBA implant the security in his platforms!!!! . Ali remember something . Oracle is the second Bigest Enterprise of software in the world!.
Joel Pérez 
That's exactly what I'd like to say. I have this feeling that this guy Ali is just a trickster or imposter, whatever you can call him..... trying to spoil the serious and informative atmosphere here