How to migrate Data in same version Oracle DB between different hardware platform ? - Heterogeneous Connectivity

We have Oracle ERP running on Sun platform now.
For some reasons, we plan to replace the Sun platform with the HP platform .
What is the approach to do it ?
If we install Oracle ERP on HP platform, how to migrate the old data to the
new platform ?
Anyone can help me ?

How big is your database?


HP-UX Itanium running?

I know that PA-RISC is the documented solution for HP-UX client software but I'm curious if anyone has tried it on the Itanium platform. I have a client who is migrating his platform and wants to run in this configuration.
1. Will it install using the ALLOWFORWARDVERSION option despite architecture differences?
2. Is anyone using it in Production?
3. Have you gotten support on this implementation?

Which Suse for Oracle?

I want to configure an intel box(s) with Linux to have Oracle
8.1.7 and / or 9i run on it. I see that Oracle is certified on
use 7.1, can I still purchase this version? Or should/can I go
with a newer flavour like 7.3 professional.
I've heard about a database server version, but from what I
gather it comes
bundled with DB2.
I'll be running on older pentium workstations 233's & 300's, and
possibly an older Proliant 200 with 7 SCSI drives on it. These
will be mostly for importing databases in that run on older
versions of Oracle and testing third party apps against the new
database, as well as some comparison to DB's running on NT4 and
2000 on similar hardware.
Is Suse the best choice?
thanks in advance

what Linux platform to choose

Hi all,
I need an advice in chosing particular Linux platform. We build
big search engine system and plan to use Oracle 8.1.7/Linux.
Speed and stability is critical. I consider between SuSE and
Thanx for any help,
Alexey Tuln,
Archer Software 
Fastcenter sells pre-installed servers using Oracle 901 on SuSE
Linux 7.2, and it's working flawlessly. Be sure to patch any 817

Best Platform to install 11i

What are the major concerns of installing 11i on an NT platform versus of installing it on a Unix platform ?
Other than that the software has been developed on a Sub platform, are there issues about installing on an NT platform, specifically in terms of performance or availability/nonavailablity of certain functionality.
Additional, have any of the folks out there, installed 11i on an IBM platform particularly RS6000. I would be very interested to know about your experiences.
Thanks for any replies and your thoughts.

Hardware / OS and Oracle upgrade

We are currently running AIX 4.2.1 with Oracle 7.3.4. We will be replacing our hardware which will have
AIX 5.1 and Oracle installed. Our databases total approximately 60GB. What would be the best way
to migrate while having a minumum amount of downtime?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
hi there !
a challenging task indeed !
i guess the best way would be :
simply transfer the existing application (7.3.4) in new hardware & OS (5.1)
(i hope oracle 7.3 works on AIX 5.1)
and then migrate oracle 7.3 to 8.1.7
good luck