Transparent gateway for SQL Server - Heterogeneous Connectivity

I am using Transparent gateway for SQL Server to link Sql server
7.0 database to oracle 8.1.7.
After creating a database link ,when I try to execute a query i
get this error:
ORA-02085:Database Link DEMO.DEVCO connects to HO.WORLD
Please help me to resolve this problem.
Thanks Asha. 

This error occurs because you have Global Names set tot true. You
need to set two init parameters.
HS_DB_NAME and HS_DB_domain. Check the documentation on how to
set this.
Which version of the gateway are you using?

Thank you Vira.
It worked.


Steps to Connect remote Oracle Server using OCi C in Linux

Hi !
I am trying to connect oracle server through my application using OCI C in linux, it works fine in my oracle server machine.
I want to connect oracle server through my C application from Oracle Client Machine
can anyone help me in this issue ?
What issue do you have ? 
Sounds like you did not specify your database name. Or you database name is hard-coded.
Can you show us the code?
Is your TNSNAMES.ORA set up correctly?
Also, you did not specify any error messages or anything. Are you checking the result codes after any functions?

How to connect to SQL Server from Forms 10g?

Hello all,
How do we connect to SQL Server database from Forms 10g?
In Oracle Metalink site they have suggested using Transparent Gateway for SQL Server as a solution.
But is there a way we can connect directly to SQL Server from Forms using an ODBC connection
without installing anything on the database server?
Pls help!
You can use the EXEC_SQL package. Take a look in the forms online help.
Short example:
connection_id EXEC_SQL.CONNTYPE;
connection_id := EXEC_SQL.OPEN_CONNECTION('username/password#ODBC:sqlserver');
Created the ODBC connection on my local machine.
Tried to run the following command from SQL* Plus
SQL> connect <username>/<pwd>#odbc:<DSN name>
Getting the following error.
ORA-03121: no interface driver connected - function not performed
One more question...
SQL Server database is on Windows.
Since the Oracle database and SQL Server database are on windows, is it possible to create a connection without
a transparent sql server gateway, since they are not on heterogenous operating systems?
Hello all,
Any updates pls.
I do not think it is possible to connect to a sql server database with Oracle Forms.
Regards Erik
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Hello all,
I was able to connect to SQL Server from Oracle using Generic Connectivity (HSODBC).
Transparent gateway was not required.
Followed metalink note 109730.1
So, after I created a dblink to SQL Server, I created a synonym for the dblinked SQL Server table.
When I used the synonym as the table source in Oracle Forms, I got the following error while querying.
"ORA-02070 - ROWID is not supported in this context."
This is because Forms has an invisible ROWID field and when data is fetched from SQL Server table
no Rowid is fetched since SQL Server table doesn't have one.
Is there a way to overcome this issue or do we have populate the block manually using a SQL query ?
Pls suggest.
You could try to set the Key-Mode for the block to "Non-Updateable" (not tested) 
You will have to change Key Mode, Locking Mode and some other properties.
See another Oracle note: Doc ID: 1004134.6.

Need help with tg4msql connectivity

I've installed and configured tg4msql to connect to sqlserver. I've created the database link and when I try to access the sqlserver database I get an ora-28509 and ora-2063 error message.
ora-28059: unable to establish a connection to non-Oracle system
ora-2063: preceding line form TG4MSQL.
Any ideas what is going on? 
Try check $ORACLE_HOME/tg4mssql/log
( or trace - I don't rememeber)
for detailed messages. 
There were no trace files to view. 
I see that you need turn on writing debug info.
Sorry, I don't remember name of this parameter exactly
Please, look up this parameter in the documentation for TG for MS SQL.
You need include this in your init<tg4mssql>.ora
May be you need correct name of MS SQL database or host name. Try check protocol which use for connectiong to MS SQL. 
Do you have created and started OracleTGServiceSID.
I GOT THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE. Assume, by now, you must have fixed your problem. Please help..ANy help regarding this will be really appreciated..Also, this is urgent!!
Thanks in advance

Help: cannot connect using SID in connectstring

I'm having problems connecting to a Oracle9i database using an SID in the connect string. Using the service name works fine. For example:
sqlplus SYS/<sys_password>#(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=solweblab)(PORT=1521)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=soltrain)))
will result in
ORA-12636: Packet send failed
while the following statement connects ok:
This problam arises during installation of Portal 3.0.9 (which submits a statement of the first, 'wrong', type) but it seems to be a problem in Net Server because Oracle documentation suggests both connect-methods should work fine.
Can anyone help me with this?
Thanx in advance
Ben Thoolen
The "SID" keyword is an obsolete one since Oracle 8i. Oracle doc say to use "SERVICE_NAME" now...
Hi Fred,
Tx for your response. Unfortunately, the portal config assistant issues a statement by itself containing the SID-clause. I can't overrule it.
Problem solved. Database was running in "Shared Server" mode...

urgent informix 7.3 to oracle

I am working on OMWB. I want to migrate from Informix 7.3 to Orcle 10g. I have already copied ifxjdbc.jar in Drivers folder and added entry in CLASSPATH variable. After giving informix connection parameter its giving me below error...
com.informix.asf.IfxASF Exception: Attempt to connect to database server (INFORMIX) failed.
can any one help me for it?
Thanks in advance.
The error suggests either:
2. The server is not running
3. You're unable to connect due to a network issue (e.g. you got dropped by a firewall, etc)
Can you check that you are able to connect to your informix server without any problems.
From the Informix site quote:
The desired database server is unavailable, or the network is down or is congested. Ask your DBA and system administrator to verify that the server and network are operational. If the network is congested, use the environment variables INFORMIXCONTIME and INFORMIXCONRETRY to tune connection timing. For information on setting these environment variables, see the Informix Guide to SQL: Reference
I have checked all the things. To eleminate network issue I have installed OMWB on same Informix DSRV box. Now network should not be a bottleneck.
I have checked that Informix server is also running. Still I am getting same error.
I am using some other Data Comparison tools also, and all are working properly.
I have checked your note about setting some env varibales for informix, but I am new to Informix can you please tell me how to setup variables and resolve this error. Its very urgent.
Thanks & Regards,
Thanks all. Problem is solved.