what Linux platform to choose - Generic Linux

Hi all,
I need an advice in chosing particular Linux platform. We build
big search engine system and plan to use Oracle 8.1.7/Linux.
Speed and stability is critical. I consider between SuSE and
Thanx for any help,
Alexey Tuln,
Archer Software 

Fastcenter sells pre-installed servers using Oracle 901 on SuSE
Linux 7.2, and it's working flawlessly. Be sure to patch any 817


Which Suse for Oracle?

I want to configure an intel box(s) with Linux to have Oracle
8.1.7 and / or 9i run on it. I see that Oracle is certified on
use 7.1, can I still purchase this version? Or should/can I go
with a newer flavour like 7.3 professional.
I've heard about a database server version, but from what I
gather it comes
bundled with DB2.
I'll be running on older pentium workstations 233's & 300's, and
possibly an older Proliant 200 with 7 SCSI drives on it. These
will be mostly for importing databases in that run on older
versions of Oracle and testing third party apps against the new
database, as well as some comparison to DB's running on NT4 and
2000 on similar hardware.
Is Suse the best choice?
thanks in advance

Best Linux for Oracle

Hi there,
Just wondering if there is a general agreement on a particular Linux Distribution being the best for running Oracle DB and App Server.
I'd like to set up a machine with some oracle stuff and i need to decide which linux distribution to use.
the best is to used a supported version of linux. That is RH AS 2.1, RH AS 3.0 or Suse SLES8.
it is not free, but you have free clones of RH 3.0 like whitebox.
I'm just wondering which one is the best to go with? RedHat or Suse?
Any ideas?
On my resarch I found SuSE Linux Server8 is better than Red Hat.
This is just my own resarch. 
SLES8 is not certified yet for RAC. Suse SLES9 is going to be released in a few days/weeks, but I have no idea when it will be certified to oracle 10g.
I have SLES8 on my notebook and it is working fine.

OAS with Linux

I have to install Oracle Application Server 10g with any version of linux.
Can anybody tell me the best version (with the best performance) for my oas installation, and what server is the best. ¿have DELL, efficient servers for this combination?
Thanx for your help.
First question - WHAT Oracle Application Server capability do you need?
There is a summary of the features at http://www.oracle.com/appserver/appserver_family.html so you can have a quick look.
I would install App Server 10g release 1 or higher ONLY. This version has improved the administration tools significantly, and that makes life much easier for monitoring, adding services and management.
I have successfully installed and run all parts on Red Hat Enterprise Server 3 and have had no problems with the RH clones WhiteBoxLinux and TaoLinux. I am also quite pleased with the Novell/SuSE Enterprise Linux and Novell/SuSE Pro 9.3.
Since there is a lot of potential complexity to the Oracle Application Server, I STRONGLY encourage using a supported Linux, such as RedHat ES 3 or 4, or SuSE SLES 9. That way you can officially purchase a copy of the AppServer from Oracle and get support.

Migrating a project from Oracle Enterprise Linux to SUSE Linux

HI Everybody,
I have been developing a web-based medical application on Windows XP which is still not completed fully. However, it will never run on a PC, rather on a large UNIX or Linux installation. Since I am living in Germany, the most probable hosting environment will be some UNIX or SUSE Linux platform. My question: If I download Oracle Enterprise Linux (the same as Red Hat), do all development on my 10g database by means of JDeveloper, PL/SQL etc., can I later migrate and deploy on an SUSE destination platform? Or do you have any better idea to minimize overhead?
Many thanks in advance, kind regards from
Assuming your development database is not huge, you can easily port it over to SUSE Linux platform later on using Data pump without any problem.
BTW, why you have to move SUSE, Oracle Enterprise Linux or RH works just fine. 
BTW, why you have to move SUSE, Oracle Enterprise
Linux or RH works just fine.OP said he's in Europe. SuSE seems to bge as popular there as RedHat EL is in North America.
My experience is that an app written for Oracle on RH or SuSE will not need a port. Some minor config stuff may change - see the SuSE/Oracle wiki page on Novell's site (search for Oracle wiki) and look at orarun.rpm for the differences.

Differences between Oracle 8i for a UNIX Platform and a Linux Platform

I want to know the differences between Oracle 8i for a UNIX Platform and Oracle 8i for a Linux Platform. And which platform is better?
We have installed Oracle 8i on Solaris 8 and it had a great performance, of course that the hardware and licence invested here was costed my the office where i work. Personaly i'd installed linux reh hat 8 and oracle 8i, imagine that, it could be implemented by any individual that has the time to do so.
By buyinng from a company that has a good background you could be sure that you will have support.
Bottom line, if you have the $ to buy great hardware go for a unix platform. But if you don't a Red Hat Linux Server Licence with a 1 year sopport and Oracle data base is about 3500Dls.
Visit www.red-hat.com
Rewards... Bye