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Could anyone tell what are the advantages of ODI over OWB. And under what circumstances it is preferred. 

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This forum is for ODSI - a different product.
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viable designer alternatives

Hi All,
This may be the wrong place to ask this question.
Are there any alternatives to Oracle designer for developer repositories and data modelling - either oracle
products or 3rd party products?
Did you ever get any response on this one Matt?

Can we replace OWB with ODI

Hi Guys,
I'm new to ODI.
I'd like to know whether it's possible to replace OWB with ODI.
And is there any migration procedures from OWB to ODI ?
There are no migration procedures from OWB to ODI!
Of course you can replace OWB by ODI.
ODI is the perfect ELT solution for any technologies and of course for Oracle Database.
I have read some docs on ODI.
Accourding to them, by architecture, ODI do some transformations on the source databases also.
If this is true, there will be a performance implication on the source databases. 
With ODI you can specify where transformations should take place :
-sources server
-target server
-or any where else
This is up to you. 
OK... Thanks Bouch. 
Bouch gave a good answer.
The question you should also ask is "Do I need to do such a replacement?". What we are looking for is customer satisfaction with Oracle products.
Generally speaking, we direct users to ODI when they are (or will need to be) targeting non-Oracle DB's, intend to integrate with a broader SOA initiative, or require advanced Change Data Capture (CDC) functionality on source DBs. If your user's target will always be the Oracle DB, and they won't be aligning data integration with SOA or BPEL integration, or if they are targeting Oracle OLAP, then they should definitely stick to OWB.
Hope this helps,
If your need is a complete migration from OWB to ODI try to take a look at this site:
I found it googling a lot, because I'm interesting to switch to ODI 
On the ODI webcast from 2 Fridays ago, the host alluded to the fact that OWB clients would be interested in some upcoming news regarding OWB and ODI. This Friday Oracle plans to release a big announcement regarding the 2 technologies. You may want to listen out for it before making any big decisions... 
Hi all,
the videos given n the above site when I ma running there is no voice.(
Can anyone tell me how can we have the voice in those videos.
Hi Amrit
any success in resolving the audio issue w/ the videos at the above url?

Can we replace OWB with ODI

Hi Guys,
How can we compare OWB and ODI ?
Functionality and purpose wise can we replace OWB with ODI ?
And are there any procedures to migrate datawarehousing projects from OWB to ODI ?
Thanks in advance. 
The roadmap for OWB illustrates consume the ODI technology to give Oracle heterogeneous support in their ETL tool, there are some previews and information on the IOUG site:
* Presentation in PDF:
* Recording with demonstrations:
A bit of an open question. The devil is in the detail as they say.
Thanks for reply dallan.
True. it's confusing.. some ppl say that we can replace OWB with ODI and some others say ODI is complemnentar to OWB.


We are currently using Oracle Warehouse builder for the data loading purposes. We are interested in ODI as is has got Web enabled features and have heterogeneous target databases.
I would like to know whether all the things we do using OWB can be done using ODI. In other terms is that possible for us to use ODI instead of OWB to perform the same job.
Please have a look at Mark Rittman's BLOG post, posted: March 26th, 2007 under Oracle Data Integrator
Source :
Hope this helps to solve your question.
Thank you. The blog is very informative.

General questions about OWB

Hello everybody,
I received some questions from a colleague concerning OWB but I didn't find the answer on the Oracle's website.
So here are his questions:
Do you know when the Oracle 9.2 maintenance will be stopped (if it’s not already the case) ?
Moreover do you have any idea about the price of OWB ? (for this question I think it's free no ?)
Can we easily do mapping hierarchy in OWB ?
Thank you in advance for your answers,
To answer the question about licensing:
Core- ETL option for OWB is included in database license, but if that only applies for database version 10g and up I'm not sure.
you can read more about it here:
I'm afraid I can't give you a good answer on the other questions