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Is it possible to play a video during applet loading? The video format may be swf or flv anything. I can show an animated gif by using param tag. But i want to play a video.
Thanks in advance.
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Not with current applet architecture, no.
But you might be able to do something clever with showing/hiding divs and javascript ...


image dpi

I use Jdeveloper
I use an InputFile component to upload image. when i upload image, i want to get image dpi. the image format can be anythings (jpg, tif, ...)
how can i get it?
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there are different solutions:

Using jmf to modify frames on the fly from a webcam

After seeing several examples to obtain screenshots from a webcam I tried to use jmf to obtain frames continually from a webcam, and modify the frames individually (using the Graphics2D library) and show the result on a window however I haven't managed to this. Does anybody has an ideia to solve this ?
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You need to create a pass-thru codec.
Here's an example
So the webcam videostream will go through your code first, before being displayed.
Any modifications you make to the frame will then get displayed.
You may want to drop the framerate down if you can, eg. 5 frames a second.
Or see at

How to convert images which is not supported by the ImageIO?

I have made one project.
In that i have used some images and render them on some screen.
Now there are many images which is not supported by the ImageIO class bcz its showing me exception like
javax.imageio.IIOException: Unsupported Image Typeso what to do to render this images or can i convert this kind of images to supported images?
is there anything which can render this kind of images.
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Get Applet Coordinates

How is it possible to get the coordinates of an applet in the browser relative to the screen?
Or is it possible to get the applet coordinates in the browser? -> I don't want to set the coordinates in the HTML. The coordinates are dynamical and they change relatively to the browser's size. 
for that you have to code into javascript / css.
I found the solution:
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To view clear quality video image.....

Hi Folks,
I have created an .java file which capture destop and save it as an .avi video file. its like desktop capturing but when i try to play that video file its play but not able to view text in clear. can any one hep me to capture good and clear with constant size image at capturing and any other help to view that video clearly with each and every text also with mouse viewable..
Thanks in advance !......
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