EPM configuration err -  RegistryWizardState - EPM System Infrastructure

While trying to configure the product the EPM configuration utility gave me the following error. "Failed to Navigate from RegistryWizardState: Error while initializing registry". Has anyone seen this one before? 

I have not, but looks like others have:
EPM 11.1.2: Foundation Services config fails on Windows 2008 SP1 server.
You may also want to do a search on the Essbase Forums. I did a quick search for RegistryWizardState and it returned 7 threads.
Essbase Forums: Essbase

Thanks buddythe navigation to essbase forum did really helpThanks again

Hi,i think your error is same as the below thread.https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2451861  Cheers,mady


EPMA Configuration issue

Hi All, we are facing issue with EPMA, after configuration trying to connect EPMA, getting below error...
"Loading the module 'awb.appcontainer' failed."
Version EPM, windows 2008 R2. we tried to restart all services but no luck, both from workspace & awb link, its not working.
Please help us if we are missing anything during config. please help. 
It is worth having a look at the following document on Oracle Support -
Error: "404 Not Found" When Accessing EPMA via Workspace [ID 1293561.1]

EPMA error on Shared Services Console

While accessing the EPM Architect on Shared Services Console, I found the below error message:
"Error: Unable to connect to "EPM Architect", ensure that the application is up and running and the user has the appropriate rights to access this feature."
I tried to resolve the error and referred John's reply for the thread Not able to start my Hyperion EPM Architect -Process Manager it very urgent But no luck.
Environment: Win 2003 SP2, SQL Server, Installed 11.1.2 EPM.
Can you log into EPMA without any issues.
Are you accessing shared services via workspace, if not try going that route and see.
Thanks John.
Resolved the error in EPMA and now it is accessible through Shared Services.

Cannot open "Dimension Library" - EPM issue?

Hi Folks,
I recently downloaded and installed/configured Planning 9.3.1 from eDelivery, but I'm not sure if ALL the required EPM Architect components have been properly installed. When I look at Windows Services, I see the following:
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Engineer Manager
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Event Manager
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Job Manager
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Process Manager
However, I do not see:
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Data Synchronization ATS5, and
Hyperion S9 EPM Architect Web ATS5
Planning is working correctly in every way, except when I try to open "Dimension Library" or "Application Library" , I get an error saying - "Invalid or could not find module configuration". I get the feeling that this error is being thrown because EPM Architect was either not installed fully or I have not configured it to work correctly. During the installation of Planning I had selected the "Typical" installation.sFyi- I have Essbase 9.3.1 underlying my Planning module.
Would appreciate any guidance on why my EPM Architect is not getting installed properly.
These services should be created when you configure EPMA, they are created as part of the "Deploy to Application Server"
If you run the configuration utility again, Select Oracle Hyperion EPMA.
make sure you have run
Register with Shared Services
Configure Database
Select "Deploy to Application Server"
Make sure deploy as a service is ticked in the option screen.
If you do all that and the services are not there but you can start the servers manually, if you are using tomcat there a couple of scripts to create the services in \Hyperion\deployments\Tomcat5\bin - installServiceEPMADataSynchronizer.bat + installServiceEPMAWebTier.bat
I was able to get the two missing EPM processes up and running by doing a re-config. However, my dimension library and app library are still not opening. I now get the following error: "(404) not found. (org.apache.axis.Fault)". Is this still an EPM related problem or something else?
Have a look at this document , go to section "Common Performance Management Architect Issues" and go through the issues to try and solve yours.
My issue has 'evolved' into something that I don't see covered in the troubleshooting document you sent me. Basically, I am now able to open the dimension library, import a flat file etc. However, every now and then I get the following error when trying to do these things:
Processing Error:
Description: Server was unable to process request. ---> ORA-12519: TNS:no appropriate service handler found
This problem goes away if I restart my OracleService process, but only temporarily. I.e. about 5-10 mins after doing the restart things work fine, but after that I start getting the ORA-12519 error.
Any ideas what's going on?
If you have to keep restarting your Oracle db services then it points to more of an issue with your oracle db installation, have a search for that ORA code to see if you get any useful information.
Besides that I would recommend patching EPMA and planning because lots of issues were addressed and resolved in 9.3.1, you can download then from metalink3.
I am a student running free versions of Hyperion Planning, EPM etc.. It seems metalink is accessible only to someone w/ a paid version of Hyperion. Is there any other way for me to get the patches for 9.3.1 ?

Hyperion Financial reporting Installation error

After installing Hyperion system 9.3 Financial Reporting Suite I receieve an error when attempting to open the tool. Run-Time Error '429'; ActiveX componenet can not create object. Has anyone experienced this or have a solution. 
Have you run the Configuration Utility AFTER installing Financial Reporting Studio, selecting the "Configure Financial Reporting" option under "Hyperion Reporting & Analysis"? 
Yes Ghylton,
You are right.
I got this error message when i installed Hyperion System 9.3 Financial reporting in my machine and then did the "Hyperion System 9 Foundation"-> "Configuration Utility".
That fixed the issue.
i configured every thing in configuration utility window.expect when we install BI client also on same system.then in configuration utility window we will get same name for client as we get for server which we install previously.then we cannot configure that thing. 
what u fix there in hyperion configuration utility window 
Navigate to HYPERION_HOME\BIPlus\install\bin and run HRRunAnt.cmd.
This will reconfigure FR and you'll be able to launch the studio.
there is no such file in BIn directory 
Hey Gee,
I had same problem with Hyperion financial reporting, navigated through the given suggestion..its fine but there is a problem with username and password and server.
its not accepting the given details how to troubleshoot it.
I got this error message when i installed Hyperion System 9.3 Financial reporting For the first time.
I just followed following steps:
1. Start->Hyperion->Foundation Services->Configuration Utility
2. Select only the option: "Configure Financial Reporting"
3. Finish the setup.
That fixed the issue.
I tried with all the tricks you give, and nothing worked. However, seeing the java windows (which launches Configuration Utilities) I saw there was missing a file named "InstallHistory.properties".
Just then, I found another file named InstallHistory.properties.sub, i renamed it and then it works. 
Hi All,
Even I am facing the same issue though I had done all the steps as posted.
Could it be a issue related to machine as on other system it got installed successfully.
Please let me know how could this be resolved.
Thanks in advance!! 
We are getting a "You are not authorized to use this functionality. Contact your administrator." when any user tries to log into Reports. Users are fully provisioned and are able to get into Planning and work successfully in Planning. 
Check in Shared Services if you have provisioned the user/group to the Projects->Hyperion System 9 BI+. The BI+ Administrator role should give them full access.
Planning and Hyperion System 9 BI+ have different Shared Services setup.
Brian Chow

EPM configurator issue with HSF on Windows 2012

Hi all, Have installed EPM on a Windows 2012 R2 wintel box.When trying to configure HSF I receive an error: On my configtool.log I have:com.hyperion.hit.wizard.FailedButRetryPossibleException: IIS "Default Web Site" does not exist and configuration of IIS products will fail! Please create "Default Web Site" or unselect configuration tasks for IIS products. any help will be welcome Carlos 
This issue has been covered - EPM - IIS configuration issue on Windows 2012 R2 Cheers John
Hi First follow what John has recommended. I have faced this issue in Windows 2012 , even if all the roles are granted it keeps alerting - IIS Default website does not exist. In that case please launch the Config Tool by selecting Run as AdministratorThanksAnjum Ara
Hi Anjum, watch out advertising your blog with direct links in your posts, you will get a moderator asking you to remove them soon if you don't, thought I would warn you 
Hi John Thanks, Will remember that