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Wanted to migrate the thread from Customer Central to Topliners.  Adrian Chang:May 5, 2010: Spoke to TDGarden - they have started to experiment with it. Wanted to get your thoughts? Have you downloaded the latest version? Responses: Laura Zexter:May 12 2010: We set up our TM Host Data Card in the Setup Tab, and it moved above the dotted line in the Data Card Set list.  It appeared as an option in the Event Based Reporting, but not the Email-based reporting...looks like you have to close out and re-open the RevCalc app.June 4 2010: Having some trouble with our SALEDATE field.  We currently have the time in it and I believe this may be why we are not getting our results in the RevCalc app.  I edited a few data cards in my test sample (taking out the time data in the field itself) and the data card is not saving my changes; it keeps reverting back to the original date & time data.  Anyone have other ideas? PLEASE CONTINUE TO COMMENT!-Chang

I was working on the ERC this week, getting caught up from the past season, and for some reason our total purchase units is not pulling into the report.  I looked at the setup screen, and it's mapped the the number of seats field, which seems correct.  Any Ideas?  - Amy Griswold

Amy - thanks for the post. I am walking through the Cavs setup with ERC with help from support. Would you be willing to jump on a call with me and walk me (and a group of Eloquans) through the issues you're having? -Chang

Can do. My schedule is pretty full today and tomorrow, but I could do tomorrow anytime after 3:30 pm or almost any time on Thursday. 

 Thurs it is!


New Bizarre Issue in P6 Web

I am using the Top Down Resource planning feature. Select "Resources," "Plan Resources." Select one or more projects. Right click a project and assign resources.
Note that NONE of the organizations' resources have been planned in this manner, so ANY resource selected should show a number for "Available" equal to the work hours as defined by the calendar.
Previously we have assigned and un-assigned resources, simply demoing the capability.
But today, several resources previously assigned showed a number of hours Available greater than the total number of work hours in the month - one by 280%!
Went to P6 Client and made small changes to resources PLANNED on those same projects, and summarized the open projects. One of the "odd" resources "Available" amount changed, but not by the full discrepency.
Summarized ALL projects, <EDIT> it did NOT fix the problem.
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You might find Knowledgebase solution prim37758 helpful in resolving this problem. If you have any more questions please contact Support at
Thanks and have a great day,
Thanks, but that isn't the issue.
The problem comes in when performing the "Plan Resources" function in PM Web. Under circumstances yet to be understood, sometimes the number of hours / days "Available" for a person will be greater than the actual number of calendar hours / days. Since the "Available" number should be the result of Calendar minus Allocated, this is clearly incorrect.
We are sending in a backup of our database for the gurus to ponder, and I'll post back once they give us an answer.

Wait Steps

Has anyone else had problems with wait steps/times changing on them? I have activated campaigns with wait steps and then the email deploys at a different time. I am 100% this is not a user error. When I go back into the campaign, the wait step time has changed. Is this a bug? 
Are you using wait times or dates?  If your using times what's changing the type i.e. changing from minutes to hours or is the actual number changing i.e. 1 hour vs 2 hours?  If you're using dates what's changing the day, the hour & minute or the AM vs PM?
Hi Leigh – I am using “until a specific date” to schedule my emails. I am also scheduling for different regions so change the time zone. The problem we have seen is that the time changes to later in the day. In the past, I thought this might have been user error but I am now positive that something in the system is changing. For example, I set one email to send at 8:30 AM (GMT +01:00) and it changed to 2:30 PM (GMT +01:00).
fyi - I've reached out to our support team to see if they can assist you further.
Hi ksmolik - could you please call the Eloqua Support team at 1.866.327.8764? We'd like to go over some of the details and get a little more information. Thank you very much,Ken CarneiroTeam Lead, Product Support

Date comparison

Happy Friday all, In a few weeks we'll be launching a campaign where contacts will be getting an email 15 days before the specific expiration date of a product?I want to run this in Campaign Canvas.  Does anybody have any advice on how to run this properly?  All contacts in the stream will have different expiration dates so they'll be getting emails on different days (15 days before expiration date).  I've added the Expiration Date field to the database and have mapped in the specific dates.  I just need to know how to set it up so it executes properly. Thanks!
Should be roughly like the below screenshot. You will need to add a wait step rotation after the no path to keep it feeding back in for continues checks. Added a screenshot for that as well. Since the Date Comparison app has the labs function I would go ahead and test it with a few test contacts just to make sure. You may also want to consider some additional logic on the canvas for anyone that starts in the path with it already being less than 15 days (not sure if that is an issue for your use case). Example of that issue would be entering the canvas with 5 days prior to expiration would auto feed you though the yes path to the email. If the email has hard coded values of the word "15 days" then technically it would be incorrect and could cause confusion. To solve this you could add additional logic that checks for less than say 14 days just in case those come through or you can make the email dynamic with slightly more generic text like "within the next few days" and then have the date it expires from their contact record merged into the email.   
This is great, thanks.  I will go ahead and test this.
Hi Josh - do you happen to know how long the Date Decision step takes to run?  I have 6 test records just sitting in the step not moving to the Wait Step or Email? Thanks!
Does anyone happen to know what this error means?  I'm getting it when clicking the test icon in the Date Decision step.  Its not allowing me to test.  Thanks! 

AS hour and AF hour not consistent with starting hour or ending hour

How do you change deafult setting for the "hour" P6 V7 uses when recording AS or AS date?
I normally do not display the time in the date cells. After several month of updating and saving baselines i noticed that most activities AS=19JUN09 12:00AM. It should read AS=19JUN09 8:00AM
Similar conditions occurrs with the AF=19JUN09 12:00AM. This should read AF=19JUN09 5:00PM. 
Just a thought....
Have you tried performing a gloabal change to adjust the Actual date or times? You could fix lots of them in a single swoop.
Or have you checked the calendars to see if adjusting them might help you in the future? 
Check your project Planned Start time. If it is set to 12:00 AM then this will be reflected on the activities as well. You may want to run a global change on the current project in order to update the start time. If you need further assistance please contact support
Online: Go to My Oracle Support to submit, update, or review your Service Requests (you must have purchased support).
Pr you can browse to to determine the best number for you to reach support.
Thanks and have a great day!
Changed the "Planned Start Time" to 08:00am. That does not resolve the problem. I've had difficulty running global change to correct AS and AF times. The global changes i've used could change the AS or AF date.
After contacting support, i've learned that by design P6v7 DEFAULTS to 12:00am when recording AS or AF dates. Kinda silly that P6 defaults to 12:00am for both AS and AF dates. I have several activities where AS is 12/15/09 12:00am and AF of 12/15/09 12:00am. This should read AS 12/15/09 08:00am and AF 12/15/09 05:00pm. As a result the "actual duration" is calculated as (0d) zero where it should read (1d) one.
This is what makes the global change difficlut to perfect. It's very difficult to modify AS time or AF time without possibly changing the date. I resorted to manually changing the AS time and AF time. Not fun!! 
Try to export activity information into an excel file, and then filter and edit the ones you would like to make changes. Then import the revised excel file into P6. This might be able to save you some time. Hope it helps.

Has anyone experienced a activity actual start date moving when updating progress

When updating an activity progress in a small schedule i notice that one of my activities which had already started  on march 19th and was about 10% complete from a prior update jumped to March 23rd as start date. What is going on???
Could the activity be a Level of Effort or a WBS Summary? If so, it will follow any change to the earliest starting activity, if you made a change to this activity. 
Actually it is not but thanks for the response. I was using V8.31 just updated to 8.4 yesterday but wished i hadn't. I now have the familiar annoying error boxes that pop up at random times. Also cannot drag  projects to a different section in the EPS. it errors out. It wont even let me do it withen the project. i have to export it out then import it back in to the correct location. Anyway I will quit rambling. Thanks