API calls from Boomi - Code It

Hi! Has anyone else out there leveraged Boomi (a cloud based integration service) to make Bulk API calls? We're running into some generic errors that can't be replicated by running the same calls directly on a browser. Thanks,Anu


Oracle API Management Solution and Components involved - suggestion and feedback

Hi All, We are currently working on a framework for Mobile applications, where we will be exposing a few REST APIs for external mobile app developers to consume. We are planning on using OAG and OSB as follows: OSB - The orchestration logic and the API implementation will be carried out in this component.OAG - This will be used as a proxy to the back end API and as the first line of defense. We are using OAuth 2.0 to secure our APIs, and OAG will be used as the OAuth Authorisation server. That means, the application management and the access token management will be carried out in this component. Now, I have been doing some reading on the API management solution offered by Oracle and came across two new components, namely, the Oracle API Manager and the Oracle API Catalog. I have a few questions on these components. Oracle API Manager - From my understanding, this component extends the OSB and can be used to create and publish APIs to the external vendors consuming the APIs (say app developers). And it also provides API security (by generating an access key). I am trying to understand where does this component sit in the API management solution. As in, can we use this component to define and design APIs just like specs like RAML or Swagger? Also, how is this different to OAG when it comes to API security (is this access key different to client ID and client secret used in OAuth and is this access key required to be sent to external apps?).  Oracle API Catalog (OAC) - How it this different to the Oracle API Manager? Is this more for internal developers, helping them to discover and understand what the OSB services (APIs) do; more like a documentation of the OSB services? I have read a few articles on these components, but finding it hard to get my head around it and understand how these are really used as an API management solution. Any suggestions and feedback from people who have worked on these components will be greatly appreciated. Also, one last question - is there a way we can define, and document the REST APIs (specifications) like how tools like Swagger and RAML does, in Oracle? Or import Swagger or RAML files to document the REST API specs in any Oracle tool/component? I am not sure if the Oracle API Manager is the answer to this. Fusion Middleware SOA & Process Management SOA Suite API Management ThanksSagar

Invoke Any ETL tool job from Aqualogic Service Bus

can we invoke the Any ETL tool jobs from Aqualogic service bus ?
If yes, can you prove me how to do it..?
thanks in advance.
Oracle Service Bus (formerly ALSB) can leverage Java call-outs. if/when ODI (or any other ETL tool) provides a java api, it can be called from OSB. 
ODI provides multiple, out-of the box, documented API for the invocation of services.
The most obvious of these is to use the ODIInvove web service (a.k.a. Public Web Services) which allows any scenario to be invoked as a web service.
The other, is the "invocation api", a set of Java classes which allow you to execute scenarios from any Java application. This is documented in the Oracle data Integrator User's Guide, also available from the documentation library.

Building a Cloud Connector Service in Windows Azure

Hi,  I read the Eloqua Cloud Connector Sample Guide, and it talks in detail about building a config screen on Windows Azure.Has anyone here built and deployed a service on Azure that recursively polls a step in Eloqua for new members?  thanks much!-prash
I have a prototype solution working on our Azure installation. The application recursively calls a "free webservice" and pulls data into our SQL Azure database.It's working pretty good thus far. I'm yet to extend this concept to call the Eloqua API service and get the data from a Program Builder Step. Cheers!-prash

Database Procedure Vis Web Service call

Hello Experts,We have a scenario, where external system is fetching data from Siebel via middleware using a web service call. A sample flow is as belowExternal system ---> Middleware ---> Siebel.External systems invokes a single API to middleware and then middleware splits it into multiple calls to Siebel. For these multiple calls, input and XML structure is same. Such design is done to achieve modular approach.In Siebel, we are using EAI Siebel adapter to get the data.We need to send response back as a homogeneous (i.e. when result of all calls are received by middleware from Siebel) to external system. This is causing performance issue.Hence instead of invoking mutiple calls via EAI Siebel adapter, we have invoked these functionalities using DB procedures (i.e. multiple calls to Siebel EAI are replaced by DB procedures) and we are able to see performance gain significantly.We would like to check from your experience, currently and in future will be there by any risks with using DB procedures?

Calling Restful webservices from PCS composer ?

Hi, Would appreciate if someone can give their suggestions or thought on this query. My use case is : In my PCS composer process, i would like to call a Restful Web service to complete a transaction.  I noticed that the Service Component supports only WSDL type. I also noticed that web form rule support Rest services.  But i need to call the rest service as a  Service Call in the process . How can this be achieved in PCS ?   Thanks
Hi, It is in the PCS roadmap for full REST enablement of PCS processes. Your use-case will be achievable in the near future. Regards, Mary KeaneSenior Development ManagerOracle Process Cloud Service
We have the same use case.  We have a workaround for now: create an 'adapter' in Java that exposes a SOAP service that calls the REST service for you. This works in the demo, but in real life is not what we want of course.... 
mkeane-Oracle wrote:
It is in the PCS roadmap for full REST enablement of PCS processes. Your use-case will be achievable in the near future.
Mary Keane
Senior Development Manager
Oracle Process Cloud Service
Hi Mary, has this feature been released?  I see it referenced in the documentation, but I do not see the feature in our PCS provisioning. Thanks,Matt
Latest released version supports calling rest service from within Service task in PCS Composer. See below.
To add to Praveen K Jain's response:
Use the new REST Service Connector to invoke RESTful services directly from within a process flow. The Service Activity has been enhanced to support both SOAP and REST Service Connectors, providing a familiar approach to interacting with external data sources and systems. Using the REST Service Connector you can easily define the resources, operations and payloads needed to connect to a REST service, regardless of the description language used to define the service.
https://blogs.oracle.com/soacommunity/entry/process_cloud_services_16_2 Jonathanhttps://jonathanhult.com