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Just saw this - from what I've hard, NetSuite's APIs have been a bit limited. Not sure what this connector entails, but I wanted to share! The specified item was not found. Ian


Have you tried a Cloud Connector yet?

Hey folks,  I'm in product marketing here at Eloqua and the Cloud stuff falls into my realm.  I'd love to hear some of your stories! What Cloud Connectors have you tried out?   What's your favorite?  How's it helping your marketing? Thanks,Jody  P.S. Not sure where to find info on the Cloud Connectors - visit the Eloqua AppCloud today!   
 I'm using it for string manipulaton (eloqua contact id for another system) and for form submits to a data card.
We've used the one for On24 - but it's not totally fulfilling our needs. Would like to have the ability to use ON24 hosted forms and push that registration data back into Eloqua.  We have paid webiners where we need to use the On24 forms.
We (kudos to Leigh Burger) built a Webex Cloud Connector for Unitrends during their Smart Smart which provided value to their Marketing Team by automating their webinar registrations and provided insights into the attendees' actions. In my opinion, the Webinars and Events Cloud Connectors can provide fast time to value for clients. Furthermore, Cloud Connectors can help small Marketing Teams leverage their resources by automating their Webinars and focusing on more strategic Marketing initiatives.
 We are using Eloqua's junk scan in a cloud connector. It gives back good data, but needs to be run independently as a program  - when used as a step in an existing program it can cause a backlog of contacts in that step. Is anyone using a cloud connector for data cleansing/apending? I'd love to hear about that.
I don't actually employ Cloud Connectors as much as i troubleshoot them in my current role at Eloqua....but I love the functionality of the Company Scoring connector which allows you to sum the score of all leads and / or contacts that are associated to a Company or Account and then provide a high level aggregate score of said Company based on the combined scores of the leads associated to it.
Can you pull back attendees from On24? There may be a seperate API solution to repost data from On24 to Eloqua
We are using it for Webinars, Webex Cloud Connector. It is really helping us in reducing the time we spend on the manual process. Also using it for SlideShare to create leads as and when the collaterals are downloaded. Must say its very helpful...
Thanks for your comment Eytan - I'll bring that up with our Cloud Team!
Somesh, Thrilled to hear that you're find the connectors helpful!   Are you executing a lot of webinars?  How much time do you figure this has given you and you're team back?     Best,Jody
We are evaluating several connectors under the apps for Data Sources and Quality.  Haven't used any connectors yet though.  I'd be interested in know how on24 is related to the forthcoming, Alliance event connector that we heard about during the recent Rev Success Tour here in Austin.  Also would be interested in which cloud connecting apps have the greatest uptake for Eloqua users and which have limitations in E10?  This thread is super useful for us right now, as we are evaluating and prioritizing which connectors are the most appealing "low-hanging" fruits.
ON24 is webcast platform used by many marketers, and the connector helps them automate the entire process from sending invites to registering attendees and following up after the webcast is done.  With respect to AllianceTech, discussions are underway but no connectors have been built as of yet.  Feel free to reach out to us at cloudconnectornow # eloqua dot com if you'd like to share how you're using AllianceTech and what you'd like to be able to do with your marketing through the use of a connector!  In terms of greatest uptake, webcast connectors are definitely a hot item!  Check out my post for more information:http://topliners.eloqua.com/thread/2190 Jody
Hi Jody, A suggestion to improve the Eloqua Cloud Connector site experience, please add either detail description  or some type of starter guide for each connector. For example, the Progressive Profiling component looks promising, but I am hesitant to install the component because I can't find any additional information on the component. Jerry
Great point Jerry!  I'll check on the status of the How-To Guide for the progressive profiling app.  I am working on the profile page for the Eloqua AppCloud right now as well. Best,Jody
Any status update on the How-To guide for the progressive profiling app? We are trying to set it up, are about 80% there and would like to take it to 100% but getting stuck on a few things.

Eloqua to Netsuite Integration

We are looking for a vendor to set up our Eloqua to NetSuite integration.  Do you have any vendors that you would recommend that are well versed in this type of integration?
We have an integration with Eloqua and NetSuite, we used 4Thought Marketing to help us with the integration. We found integrating with NetSuite to be very challenging and needed to put in place a middleware solution to solve a number of issues. 4Thought seemed to know what they were doing, and we now have a very stable integration. 
Thanks Sara! They were recommended by a few others as well so they are definitely on my list to reach out to.
We have an Eloqua to NetSuite Integration.  It uses a Cloud Connector so you can route whatever leads you do or don't want to NetSuite.  It has a full drag-drop mapping interface and scheduler and is pretty easy to configure.  It's working at a number of clients that we can connect you with for a reference!  -Mark LeVell

Integrating an Online Event Management/Registration System

Hi All -  Our events team is looking at eTouches to do their event management/registration. The say eTouches has an SFDC integration, and we have asked them about an Eloqua integration. Still waiting on an aswer back. Does anyone have any experience integrating an event management/registration system with Eloqua? If so, what vendor did you use?  I think the team is looking for more than Eloqua Events. I know that cVent has a cloud connector, but they don't want to use them due to a bad past expereince.  Another question on a broader scale, who in your organization typically manages these types of systems? Events, IT, Marketing Ops?  Thanks for your input! Melissa
I have integrated on24 with Eloqua before there ever were cloud connector (2008 or 2009?). In this time frame, I was also building a proof of concept for WebEX, but their staff was not helpful at all, kept referring to an API doc and then wanted to charge for any further support. On24 was extremely helpful and was the vendor chosen. I have also built out a demo using the on24 existing cloud connector, which is quicker to build using both program builder and the eloqua events and surveys module. I highly recommend On24 as their service was also able to contain more viewers and was more stable than WebEX for the masses. We then chose to keep WebEX as a back up system to On24.
Thanks Nick.     I was more referring to an in-person event management system (online registration and payment, event campaign management capabilities, etc.) vs. online events.     Any experience with those types of systems?
Melissa We use third party event management software for in-person events (CSI and E2Z). We sync with Eloqua by getting them to place data files on an SFTP site nightly and then using the auto-sync in Eloqua to get the data in. Eytan
Thanks Eytan and Nick. This helps.
Nick, I use RegOnline I didn't know you could connect to Eloqua? Are you using the API or a Connector? Like Melissa, the Eloqua Event Module is'nt robust enough for my needs. Alison 
Alison-- This was years ago, so it was pre-cloud connector. I used the typical HTTP_POST capture/repost method, which is the work around that pretty much works for all vendors (even still today, for those that don't have a cloud connector). There are other event management systems out there now that you can look at. A company called "Certain" was recently selected by a client to handle in-person events. I know CVENT can do this and it's the tool Eloqua uses to handle their registration system for Eloqua Experience user conference. CVENT has a cloud connector, unsure of its in-person capabilities as I have not used it yet.
Thanks Nick. I have used both in the past, I may have to revisit them again.

Dell Boomi for NetSuite integration?

We are considering using Dell Boomi for our NetSuite integration across the board.  This would include a migration of our current CRM integration from Oracle CRM OD to NetSuite.  Has anyone used Dell's Boomi platform and / or professional services for NetSuite integration?  If so please provide feedback on overall satisfaction, follow-up support, etc.  Thanks!
Hi David - we (Relationship One) use Dell Boomi as part of our Revenue Integrator Cloud solution and are currently building out Eloqua-NetSuite integrations. Happy to answer any questions you might have - please feel free to contact me at ron.corbisier#relationshipone.com or 763-355-1025.
David - I do a lot of integration to and from Netsuite using Boomi.  Netsuite has a comprehensive API, and the Boomi Netsuite connector provides access to most everything in Netsuite, including custom objects and fields.  Boomi is a great choice for Netsuite integration. Here is a recent Blog post about Netsuite and Boomi: http://www.kitepipe.com/blog/netsuite-integration-with-boomi-perfect-together And a whitepaper about handshaking basics for Netsuite and Boomi, to get you started: http://www.kitepipe.com/resources For conversion, smaller simpler conversions to Netsuite can be done with the Netsuite batch loader, which takes CSV files.  I've done CRM conversions from Salesforce using just Excel.  Netsuite, however, needs its own internal keys for more complex conversions, and Boomi is a good tool, as the lookups to related objects can be automated.  I wouldn't get Boomi just for a conversion, but if you are buying as an ongoing integration platform, it can be really useful in conversion, esp. with use of Netsuite sandbox, pilot and production cycles, etc. Boomi has a powerful set of SQL connectors and tools, as well - I'm currently doing a conversion from Oracle ERP, including customers, orders, etc, into a specialized Printing industry ERP system, Radius, which is SQL on both ends. The Boomi services team is great - I work closely with Ed, Jim, Adam and the services team at Boomi.  Its a small team of experts, and the SWAT team for Boomi implementation issues.  They are great for their quickstart offering, and the training is highly recommended.  For a longer term project, you might be better served with a specialist services firm like mine -  http://www.kitepipe.com Boomi is a highly productive tool, and most projects don't need a Boomi FTE resource.  All the other moving parts of the project (data quality, specifications, workflows, netsuite customizations) are the schedule drivers, so we typically do fractional staffing, or Fixed Fee, to support a conversion or integration effort. Good Luck!  Netsuite and Boomi are a great combination.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions!  larry.cone#kitepipe.com

Eloqua Integration with NetSuite CRM

What is the integration level of Eloqua with NetSuite CRM - Do it has native integration app?  ThanksVikram
Hi Vikram, I don't think there is a native app for this Integration. Some providers are having app for this Integration. Also there is a group in topliners for Eloqua-Netsuite Integration. Joining the group will lead you for more answers  *Eloqua-Netsuite Integration Group  Putitforward - https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/adf.task-flow?tabName=O&adf.tfDoc=%2FWEB-INF%2Ftaskflow%2Fadhtf.xm…Bedrockdata - https://integrations.bedrockdata.com/Eloqua/NetSuite4Bridge - https://4bridgeintegrations.com/integrate-eloqua-with-any-crm/netsuite/ Natively available platform integrations: Thanks,Sekar.
Hi Vikram, I have done many integration with NetSuite, all using 4Bridge Sekar mentions above. Although the actual set up of data being moved between the 2 systems is quite easy with the connector, the nature of NetSuite can make the integration challenging. Because NetSuite has lots to offer, it is tempting to try and use all areas of NetSuite in the integration, which can quickly cause complexity and issues. You can see more about the 4Bridge app on the marketplace here - https://cloudmarketplace.oracle.com/marketplace/en_US/listing/4519711. If you would like a demo and a bit of a discussion on what to look out for, or think about for the integration let us know. RegardsErick Vargas4Thought Marketing - Marketing Systems Analyst