Release Notes are in Customer Central - Arena

A few of you have asked me for our release details (we release notes on Release day with the most recent one being on Monday). You can access our release details in Customer Central. Login to EloquaClick on Customer CentralClick on SupportClick on ArticlesThe default should show you new articles and you should see the notes here. Otherwise, please search for 'Release' and obtain the latest version: Eloqua-9-R2-May-2011-Release-Notes Thanks,Adrian


TCC 15A release notes

We're in process of upgrading our Taleo zones to 15a. Our current TCC version is 14B. I would want to review the release notes for 15A so that we can evaluate new features/Existing bug fixes and make a decision on TCC upgrade.  Could you please share the release notes or similar documents that can provide this information. Thanks!

CRM On Demand Rel 17 Patch Release Notes 1142.0.03 is Available

1. Click the Training and Support link from within CRM On Demand.
2. Click the Release Info tab.
3. Under What's New, click the Release 17 - Patch Release Notes link.

Secure Deployment Checklist in Security Guide

Hello, Is the Secure Deployment Checklist in Oracle Linux Security Guide for release 6 (E36387-1) also applicable to Oracle Linux 5.X?Any proven checklist for OL5.X? Thanks for your response in advance. -Man
Release 6 introduced new features that were not available in previous releases, but most of the information are concepts based on common or best practices and also apply to previous versions. Information about errata and patches are specific to release version and update level. If you use the latest update level, e.g. yum update, all current errata and patches will be applied.

oracle sales module

please any one send oracle sales module document link
This is SQL and PL/SQL forum. You can try General EBS Discussion forum. Or even better would be using Google to search.
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please seeOracle Sales Release Notes for Release 12.2.4 (Doc ID 1911496.1)Oracle Sales Release Notes for Release 12.2.3(Doc ID 1601278.1)Oracle Sales Release Notes for Release 12.2.2(Doc ID 1584900.1)Oracle Sales Release Notes, Release 12.1.3(Doc ID 1126945.1)Oracle Sales Release Notes, Release 12.1.2(Doc ID 958536.1)   Oracle Sales Release Notes, Release 12.1.1(Doc ID 728569.1)  AppsMasti Sharing is Caring

Oracle Application Object Library from 10.7 to 11i

We're preparing for an upgrade to 11i from 10.7 (GUI). Is there a single resource that discusses the significant changes to the Object Library from 10.7 to 11i?
The "Oracle Application Object Library/Workflow Technical Reference Manual" (Release 11i, Vol. 1, December 1999) offers this awkward solution:
"If you have upgraded from a previous release, you might find it helpful to use this manual with the appropriate "Oracle Applications Product Update Notes" manual. The product update notes list database changes and seed data changes in Oracle Application Object Library/Workflow between releases. The "Oracle Applications Product Update Notes Release 11" manual describes the changes between Release 10.7 and Release 11, and the "Oracle Applications Product Update Notes Release 11i" manual describes the changes between Release 11 and Release 11i."
Is there a better way for an analyst to get to this info to prepare for the upgrade?