Are you getting our Scheduled Maintenance Updates? - Arena

Eloqua's Customer Operations Team has sent advanced notice of a Service Pack that is scheduled for Sun Jan 15th. Please confirm that your administrators have received this email. Otherwise, please contact and confirm who should be on the list to receive this updates go forward. Everyone should have at least one emergency contact per team.  Thanks,Adrian


Certification EmainId Generation

HI All,In Certification OIM11GR2PS3 how can we configure email box to work with the solution shall retain automated replies, e.g. “Out of office". And Where a request has not been approved for 40 days an email message shall be sent to the original line manager and escalating line manager stating e.g. “Non-completion of the review by the appointed manager results in a company non-compliance to audit requirements.”\Any Useful Suggestions.Thank you.

hi i didn't reveice oracle cloud account by email , i cannot access

hi i didn't reveice oracle cloud account by email , i cannot access
Request for a trial account by following the instructions here: Once your account is provisioned and ready, you will receive a welcome email. 
Ashish Thomas-Oracle   I'm still waiting for the confirmation mail as well. Any advice would be awesome. Thank you, fernando
Hi,I also sign up for on oracle cloud trial account on 13th of January and still didn't receive the welcome mail.I am wondering whether I will eventually get it or now. Is there any way to check ? Also, is there any alternative to this so I can complete the labs? Many thanks!
I too haven't received my cloud account -- I did follow the instructions and had requested one on 13th Jan but haven't yet received any follow-up mail.
I am in the same situation 
Hi all, If your attendance to the course is confirmed, you will receive Oracle Cloud details. Those on the waitlist will have access to the videos but not the Oracle Cloud accounts. If your attendance is confirmed and you have not received your Oracle Cloud credentials. Please email the mailing list with your details. Thanks,Ashish ThomasDevOps MooC Forum Facilitator.
My Oracle Cloud request was submitted on January 13th (Order ID C8296193) but as of now, logging in shows "Service has been requested. Oracle Cloud will send you an email when your service is ready for activation." Attendance was confirmed and course materials are available, but no email from Oracle Cloud regarding activation of the service. My email address -

Social Media Referral Tracking in Eloqua 10 ETA?

We are looking to setup Social Media Referral tracking in our E10 instance but it doesn't look like the functionality is available in E10 just yet so is there an ETA when that will be possible?  For now, are there any work-arounds to make that possible?
It's setup automatically. Check out the website dashboard. If you can't find it on the dashboard, just give our Support team a shout.

Critical Alerts/Maintenance Notifications

I am the primary contact for a POD and my user profile has the "Always Send Critical Alerts" checked as well.
However, I am still unable to receive any communication mails from Oracle for any planned maintenance/updates.
As an alternative, I need to check training and support OR the version information link for any planned activities.
Any idea on how to get notifications working.
Sumeet K. 
This only happens a couple of times a year so i wouldnt expect you would notice this anyway. You should raise a SR with Oracle to be included on a email distribution lists that sends out information specific to your pod. He is a sample comminication i recieved from
This is a email notification regarding the following escalation being performed by Oracle CRM On Demand Support.
Escalation Information
Escalation Reference Number: 3-4378769892
Escalated On: 8/28/2011 5:10:21 AM (GMT -07:00) MT
ETR: 3 SEPTEMBER 2011 6:00 AM MT
Status: Planned Action
Environment Type: Production
Event Type: Planned Maintenance
Service Area: Service Availability
Title: CRM On Demand - Planned Maintenance
On Friday, 2 September, 2011 at 10:00 PM US Mountain,the CRM On Demand production environment will be unavailable for planned maintenance.
This maintenance should last approximately 8 hours. During this time, users will be unable to access CRM On Demand. 
Thanks Jono...that really helps me !!!

Regarding MCS Downtime

Hi,Can you confirm whether there is a planned outage of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service on 12th March 2016 between 8:15 am to 5:15 pm?. We didn't get a notification mail regarding this.We are using a paid service.
Please check if there was a scheduled downtime for your cloud environment. You may check by login in "My services" -> "Notifications" tab. In case if "Notifications" tab doesn't include details for the shared time frame then please post this query by raising MOS ( SR. Our dedicated support channel for subscribed (paid account) users is to make sure that queries related to subscribed environment are taken up and resolve on priority basis.