ESPN's got APIs! - Arena

Hey everyone, ESPN's now got developer center where they're showcasing the available APIs: The Athlete and Team APIs seem the most interesting to me: Would you embed this kind of info in your landing pages or emails? Any other cool ties you can think of?


ESPN's got APIs!

Hey everyone, ESPN's now got developer center where they're showcasing the available APIs: The Athlete and Team APIs seem the most interesting to me: Would you embed this kind of info in your landing pages or emails? Any other cool ties you can think of?

Looking for some freelance portlet developers

As it seems there is no portlet specialised forum, I'll post my message here.
We are now starting a software company in France specialized in hiring freelancers to do the jobs.
Our first project is about JSR-168 compatible portlet development + access to a JSR-170 data back-end, and as you might guess, we are looking for freelance programmers to help us.
Our main difference with classical auction websites is that we use to take big projects for large companies. We split the projects in several components and the bids are made on the components. Bigger projects means bigger amounts, and we hope our components will be payed a higher price than other similar offshore web-platforms.
You may want to have a look at, read the specs and post a bid if you think you have the required set of skills.
I don't think this post violates any of sun's terms of use and habits of use on this forum. Please excuse me for the disturbance if it is not ok to post this kind of questions on this forum.
Best Regards,
David N�grier
Project Manager,

Cannot get Eloqua University video tutorials to work

Hello! One of my co-workers and I are having trouble with the video tutorials on Eloqua University's Resource Center. We are unable to open videos directly and when we type in the website address for a video we get a blank screen with a green progress bar and the text "Adobe Captivate" above it (as seen in the attached photo). Does anyone know any tips for getting those videos to work? I'm not sure if there is a plug-in we need to download or anything. If it makes a difference we are using Mac computers.
Hi Education folks - can one of you assist? cc: bianca.baumann Mindy Barenblat-Oracle bgoree
Hi Nicole,  I am doing some digging on that particular video as it wouldn't play for me either. My apologies for the inconvenience.  However, can I recommend a few other resources on Eloqua University?  If you are looking for an on-demand introduction to Eloqua 10, try searching Eloqua University for "elearning" -- you will find a curriculum of Eloqua 10 Introductory elearning that guides you through an overview and the main areas of the product.  I think you will find that to be more comprehensive than the video you were attempting to view.  Again, my apologies for the inconvenience and I will be investigating the issue.  Thanks, Mindy

Which Eloqua Partner do you use?

My company either currently works with or has worked with IMC, Relationship One and the Pedowitz Group. I am curious to learn about some other Eloqua partners / agencies that do Eloqua work. Who are you using? 
Hi Jennifer, though we are not yet formally working with your company, we are discussing custom Eloqua integration work with a few members of your team (Andrew Sedlak and Lesley Battalini).  If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out.  Thanks!
Hi Jennifer, just stumbling across your post!  Would love to introduce you to  Bulldog Solutions.  We are Eloqua'a first strategic partner and won the 2012 award for "Best Strategic Partner".  Can we make a more formal introduction to your team?  Would love to show the types of success we are creating for our clients.  Here is a sneak peak from our client DexOne who won the "Rookie of the Year" Markie award last year!  Blog article with Video case study: 
Hi Jennifer, I am attaching a video of one of our lead management solutions as well as our client testimonial video so you can see and hear what we do. Let me know your thoughts. DemandGen Client Testimonials and Lead Management Solution
tiffanie.lewis Got quite a chuckle to see my name rather well represented in this video.  What's the royalty schedule like? You really should use made up data when producing videos like these..... Eytan

Eloqua Fame: Share your content in our new customer video

We're building a new Eloqua video for the home page of our upcoming redesigned website (and oooh - it's so beautiful - can't wait for you all to see it!) and we need YOU! We're looking for several examples of successful and well-designed landing pages and emails to add to the video. If you're willing, reply here and post a screenshot or URL of your item. Note: we will require a signed release from you and your company and we can send that to you via email. HURRY! I need these by Wednesday, March 13! -Heather (To get the party started I'm tagging a few folks who I think will have some ideas: schwartzrw, mi*2729276*rd, byarnell40, _thelauren saritag)
Hi Heather, Very cool! Here are few from DocuSign - let me know if you need others. Cheers,Ryan
Wow Ryan! Your learnmore page is awesome! 
Ryan's examples are awesome but we need a few more! We're also looking for: G+ pages, Facebook pages, LinkedIn company profile pages. Who can help? ( tagging: ebutterwick, autumn.coleman, krista.seidemann, Sterling Bailey-Oracle, Allan King, jweis, czovod, eugenebinx) Deadline extended to Monday, March 18. -H
Thanks Richard!
Hi Heather.  We have a small handful of eloqua campaigns, emails, lps and programs that we're very proud of.  Most provide testimony to not only ELoqua product, buy sevices (ES) and support (tier 1&2). The ss below is for our PPC capaign. THe Lps and FOrms associated are really very sweet indeed.  We also have a few fine examples of mutli touch campaigns (Riley La built one), roadshow examples,cloud leveraging campaigns.  Let us know how we can add value to your customer video.
Ryan I love the learn more page and the twitter demo page too. Learn more page is so cool 
J - would you be willing to send them to me via email? heather dot foeh at eloqua dot com
Thanks Sujana!
Hi Heather,  I have several lead nurturing campaigns, webinar workflows with cloud connectors and other campaign workflows that I can share. I'll email you a few screen shots asap. Thanks,Autumn