Oracle Tap mobile client - Mobile, Intelligent Bot, and Mobile Analytics

Hi All, I'm seeing an error that I cant resolve, it relates to the contacts list it tries to sync. The error reads.... Data Error: Cannot run AnalyticsReport: Mobile Contacts Default(ID=16001): REPORT_ERROR_EXCEEDS_MAX_JOIN_SIZE It happens when I try to use my own reports and also happens with the default report as well so I don't think my developments are causing it. I have a demo with a client in a few days time so would like to get this app looking its best. Best regards,Gary

Hi. You posted your question to the wrong forum. This one is about the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, a Middleware component. I suggest you rather use one of the forums available here: Fusion Applications (MOSC). Best Regards, Frédéric DesbiensPrincipal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog:

Hi, Thanks for the tip..... moved it here. Oracle Tap mobile client Best regards,Gary


Oracle MSCA Page Customization: Unable to proceed with the Material Issue transaction. While saving the transaction details getting the transaction failed error messgae.

Hi All, I have done a MSCA Material Page customization.. The code is same as the standard code with  a small addition of only one text Field to it. Everything is working as expected but whenever I proceed with Save button, a Transaction Failed message is displayed stating that "an error occurred while updating the jobs operation". Can someone please help me on this.    
Hi. You are at the wrong place; this forum is about the Oracle Mobile Application Framework. You should ask your question in the EBS Forum dedicated to the OA Framework, located here: Best Regards, Frédéric DesbiensPrincipal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog:

REST web services example.

hello there, i am pretty new in MAF. I just started learning from this tutorial Oracle JDeveloper 12c (12.1.3) Tutorials - Building Mobile Applications with Oracle Mobile Application Frameworkbut i cannot open this site cause due to some security issue. Can someone  provide me some more endpoint uri. So that i can start using webservice.
Hi. You will find several useful endpoints here: Weather API Best Regards, Frédéric DesbiensPrincipal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog:

JD Edwards MAF - JSON Preview shows Zero records

Hi - I am creating a MAF mobile application using JD Edwards. In Jdeveloper when I am trying to see the JSON response, it always shows zero records. Can you pls help what the problem could be? Regards, Harish
Hi. If there are no records and you are not getting an error message back, the most likely cause is that either that your user account is not authorized to see the data or that the query you are making actually returns no records.Please make sure you are using appropriate values for the following: ReturnControlIDsFormInputsFormServiceActionFindOnEntry Most of the visitors on this forum do not have JDE expertise. I, for one, am knowledgeable about the technology stack but not about the applications themselves. You should consider asking your question on one of the forums available here: JDEdwards EnterpriseOne (MOSC).Best Regards,Frédéric DesbiensPrincipal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog:

Why I can't find open source application on the gitHub that developed by MAF?

I want to search some open source application to study that about MAF on the gitHub ,but I find few project .Where  I can find the open source application about MAF?thanks 
Hi. The MAF extension comes with an extensive suite of samples that you can use to study the framework. See Oracle Mobile Application Framework Samples to learn where to find them and what each sample does. Best, Frédéric DesbiensSenior Principal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog:

Security/authentication in MAF App developed on ORDS REST/JSON

Kindly help me, how can we implement the security/authentication for the MAF app, which is developed by using the ORDS(REST/JSON).As we know we have 4 types authentication protocals, among which what we can use. And how can we implement.Kindly share me any helpful information/blogs. We can use any one of these or we have any other approaches. Thanks,Rambabu
Hi. You will need to be more specific. How are the web services you are calling secured? What are your web services running on (WebLogic?, something else?) ? Do you need to integrate with SSO infrastructure on the server side?  The answers to these questions will help determine the most suitable solution for you.  Best Regards, Frédéric DesbiensPrincipal Product ManagerOracle Cloud and MobilityTwitter: #BlueberryCoderblog: