Get an error message when I process an Administrative Life Event - Mobile, Intelligent Bot, and Mobile Analytics

Hi Team, When I process an administrative Life Event for a specific employee, I always get the error message: BEN_91664_BENMNGLE_NO_OBJECTS. The participation process retrieved no compensation objects based on the selection criteria that you specified. This employee has a salary for this period of time. Thanks, François

Hi, are you sure you posted your question to the correct forum? This forum is on MCS. If you did, can you qualify further what you do and what you see? Frank

Hi Frank, You are right, that was my first attempt in the forum. Thanks for notifying me! François


Create one workflow ( 2 level approval - manager and financial manager). An

I have requirement to Create one workflow ( *2 level approval - manager and financial manager).* And escalate it after 1 day to Financial manager's supervisor
I have no idea about escalation through BPEL Compoiste in OIM
Can please any help me out 
go through the below link
thanks for reply
I tried by specifying the escalation time but it is sending to the weblogic with status *'alerted'*
I want to send the approval to manager of approver if the approver does not respond in time
can you please help me out..It is urgent requirement 
The status can be alerted and the task assigned to weblogic due to a fault in your process. Without looking at your process or the exception, it can be difficult to say what went wrong, but check if you have the user in the system to whom you are trying to assign the task to.
As for escalation, you need to go through that link to configure escalations and in escalations you can select management chain as the route. This would escalate it to manager's manager if the manager does not work on the request for specified time. For other requirements around escalation, you will have to first get a basics right and working for you. Once you are done with that, you can post here any questions which you might have about making the complex ones and we can try to help.

Workaround for cross-object workflow

What we are trying to do is get CRM to assign a ‘please provide update’ Task for Opportunity Owners when no update has been provided on key Opportunities over the last seven days. Key Opportunities being those that are in certain Stages.
My idea was to have an Opportunity field called ‘# Days Since Last Update’. Whenever a Task related to that Opportunity is modified, I wanted to update that field using the ‘Update Values’ workflow feature. Then I wanted to use a workflow within the Opportunity to check every week (using the new ‘Wait’ feature) to create the Task if the ‘# Days Since Last Update’ field > 6. There are numerous problems with that approach, including the problem that the ‘Update Values’ feature appears to only apply to the record that triggers the workflow, and in fact can not be used in conjunction with the 'Wait' function. So an Activity workflow may not be able to update values in an Opportunity.
Another approach is to create a 'stupid' workflow in the Op, which waits seven days, then assigns a Task asking for an update, then waits seven days again, etc.. It can do this about twelve times before the limit on workflow actions (twenty-five) is reached. The problems with this approach are (a) that after twelve weeks, the workflow will stop asking for updates and (b) the workflow will ask Opportunity Owners for an update even if the Owner provided an update five minutes prior to then.
Maybe a workflow could be created within the Activity that could wait seven days and create a new Task if no further Activity has been generated for that Opportunity? But I do not know how to find out, from within an Activity, data about other Activities related to the common Opportunity.
I realize this can be done using web services but I am trying not to go there yet.
Any ideas, please?
Thanks for any help you can give,
I am not very sure but try using JoinField Value function for the first workflow when you are trying to update some information from activity to opportunity. There are certain limitations involoved with this field, you might have to check in the help what are the fields can be copied using Joiin Field Value.
Last option seems to be the web services only.
Let me know if it helps,

Basic Workflow Questions

I am just getting started with Workflow and using the Workflow Builder and so far it all makes sense but I am slightly confused about how Workflows are triggered. Also, I see that Oracle comes with a number of seeded workflows but I can't find any that will accomplish what I want.
So I guess my first questions is:
Are there any seeded workflows that deal specifically with Benefits (OAB)? For example, if a user triggers any life events (gets married/divorced, has a child, etc) I would like to send out a notification to the benefits group.
Assuming that there are not any workflows to accomplish this I think I know enough to create my own. Lets say I create my own workflow that sends a notification to the Benefits group anytime a life event gets triggered. What do I need to do to fire off the Workflow? In my scenario, the Workflow would need to get fired off both in Employee Self-Service (if the employee changed marital status for example) and in the HR application (if a HR person changed this information at the employees request). I guess my question is: How do I fire off the workflow? Do I need to create a trigger on the table that contains this information that calls the workflow?
Any help appreciated
Jason Hochwender 
For your first question: We don't have any information about any workflows for Benefits in the list of seeded Apps workflows (WF Guide appendix).
However I would recommend checking with the HRMS team to be sure. You could look in the HRMS documentation or post a query in their forum:
Human Resource Management (HRMS)
For the second question, a workflow can be initiated from an application by calling either the WF_ENGINE APIs (CreateProcess and StartProcess) or by raising a business event that a subscription then sends to a workflow process (WF_EVENT.Raise).
You are free to decide where to place the API calls in your application, for example, in a form's on-insert/update/delete triggers, in data loader routines, and so on. For some more development guidelines, see:

Tasks not firing the JTFTASK workflow

Hi All,
I've tried searching through the forum for answers or guidance to this problem as well as oracle documentation but i was wondering if anyone else could help me a bit more.
Running crm 11.5.7 and i'm trying to setup some tasks. Basically i've created a new task type and set it to notification within CRM Task Management > define task types form.
I've then assigned this task type to an SR that we have through the CIC Administrator Setup > CIC Configuration Definition > Service Request Task Attribute Details form.
When i create the SR the task is also created however no notification is sent to the assignee. I've checked documentation like i said and the assignee is definatly setup within system admin as well as having a resource and being tied correctly together. I know that this can be a possible problem.
I've tried setting the task to auto-notification then within the task management >tasks window and trying to launch the workflow but i just get the message back that "APP-JTF-210114: For task type <My Task> workflow is sent automatically on insert or update".
I've been through metalink with this as well. Only things i can think is that either the Task Type isn't setup correctly or that somehow JTFTASK which should be fired upon creation of a new task isn't somehow working?? I'm new to CRM and applications so please excuse my ignorance if this sounds stupid.
Any advice welcome.
What is the CAC Patchset Level. If you are on top of 11i.CAC.B, generally when a Task is created, a Business Event is fired and it is a Deferred Business Event. You should be able to find out from WF_DEFERRED Queue. Check whether your Deferred Agent Listeners are setup correctly. 
Cheers jVenki,
The solution was a simple one in the end due to my inexperience.
I had to make a change to the Site profile for Task:Enable automated Task Workflow functionality to "Yes" in system administration > profile > system.
As soon as i had done this the notifications started coming through ok. All i need to figure out now is how to enable responses on the emailed notifications so that the relevant assignees can add details to the task and then close it.
Cheers for the help anyway.

No approvers found causes error step with multiple approvers

Hello, I have a simple two-step approval process for ePerformance documents.  The first step is a Senior Reviewer approver; this approver is the manager of the person submitting the evaluation for the employee.  The second and final step is a Department review.  The department reviewers are generated by a query-based User List. I just experienced a bad situation in which the query-based User List for the Department reviewers failed to return any approvers.  This resulted in an Error Step being generated as shown below.  The troubling part was that the Error Step generated had Multiple Approvers specified in it.  In my case, there were about 500 approvers in this group--basically all of the supervisors in my organization.  Even worse, the evaluation became available in the View Approval Status pages for all of these supervisors, resulting in a privacy issue.  Can anyone tell me why this happened?  I don't have an On Error event set up for this approval process--could that be the reason?  I tried resubmitting the evaluation via the Monitor Approvals page, but that didn't seem to remove it from all of the supervisors' View Approval Status pages.  The only thing that seemed to work was reopening the evaluation and then having the manager resubmit the evaluation. If I'm missing something in my configuration that can help me avoid this situation in the future, I'd love to find out what it is.  Thanks for any help you can provide! 
Hi, Could you check who are the users having the *Admin Role indicated in your workflow from Main Menu > Set Up HCM > Common Definitions > Approvals > Approval Process Setup? I think all those 500 users belong to this role. e.g.
Thank you so much, Alvin!  That was definitely the problem--I feel so silly for missing that.  I had a manager role in there instead of a system admin one.  I had been staring at the process steps so much thinking that the problem was in there somewhere that I completely forgot to check that setting. Thank you again for all of your help!